Your Bookish Identity Tag

Hi everyone!💜 Sam @ River-Moose-Reads never fails to tag me in the best stuff- and this time she has tagged me in the "Your Bookish Identity Tag." Thank you so much, Sam! For those who haven't seen her blog yet, I highly suggest that you do so now- it's awesome!💞 I'm very excited to participate- … Continue reading Your Bookish Identity Tag


If You’re a Bookworm, You NEED These Websites in Your Life

Hi everyone!👋 I would like to try to include more discussion posts on my blog this year, so I have been drafting and preparing a whole bunch of them for you guys. This will be my first one for this year, hopefully out of many! Anyway, today I have decided to share some of the … Continue reading If You’re a Bookworm, You NEED These Websites in Your Life

Top Ten Thursday #52

Hi everyone!☺️ For this week's Top Ten Thursday, I have decided to cover some characters who adore books, just like I (and you guys!) do. I adore when books follow a bookish protagonist- I'm all for relatable characters, and characters who love books meet *at least almost* all of that criteria. So let's get on … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #52

Top Ten Thursday #51

Hi everyone!💗 Since Mother's Day is coming up this Sunday, I figured, why not make a Top Ten Thursday post about bookish gifts for moms? My mom does not really read much fiction- she is more of an artistic, athletic type, which is the polar opposite of me, haha! Anyway, here's a shoutout to her, … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #51

Top Ten Thursday #34

Hi everyone!☺️ It's 2017! Well, it has been for 5 days already, but I just wanted to wait until this Thursday to post this, haha😂. I hope you guys all enjoyed 2016, despite some of the, let's say, controversial events that went on. But now it is a fresh new year, and thus a fresh … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #34

Top Ten Thursday #31

Hi everyone!❄️ The holidays are right around the corner, and I just know you guys are excited as I am! To help with your holiday shopping, here I have compiled a list of 5 great books avid YA readers would probably be very happy to find in their stockings, as well as 5 gifts that … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #31

Bookish Book Lover Tag

Hi everyone!😊 Today I am back with another awesome tag, entitled the Bookish Book Lover tag. Thanks so much to Lu @ Girl Who Reads for tagging me!❤️ Be sure to check out her lovely blog for great reviews, tags, discussion posts, and even more. The Rules: Use the banner. Answer the questions with lots of book … Continue reading Bookish Book Lover Tag