Rating System🌟

*I also sometimes rate in .5s, so for example, if I rate a book 4.5 stars, that means I liked it more than most 4 star reads, but not as much as most 5 star reads.

5 Stars: I ADORED and DEVOURED every single word, and I have no words to describe my love for this book!


4 Stars: I really enjoyed this book! I would definitely consider reading other books in the series/by the author!



3 Stars: This book was meh, okay. A bit of a reluctant read. Not the best book ever, but certainly not the worst.



2 Stars: Um… let’s just say that this book was not very pretty, and leave it at that.images-1.jpeg


1 Star: Oh god. I can’t even… this book SUCKED. I want to tear it apart, that’s how strong my hatred for it is!