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Ava @ Reads, Rhythms, & Ruminations has tagged me to take part in the Totally Should Have book tag. Thanks so much, Ava!💗 If you haven’t checked out her fabulous blog, then I’d totally recommend you go do so now! I’ll wait😉 .

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Totally Should’ve Gotten a Sequel


I just want more. More Cath. More Levi. More EVERYTHING!😫

Totally Should’ve Gotten a Spinoff Series

Much like Ava, I don’t really read spinoffs, so I’ll be skipping this one, sorry!

An Author That Should Totally Write More Books


Stephen Chbosky, where have you been? You wooed us all with The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and we all just want more of your beautiful writing! Perks is even older than me, so I’d like to see you release something new!

A Character That Totally Should’ve Ended Up With Someone Else


No spoilers here, but GRRRR, AUTUMN!😤

Totally Should’ve Ended Differently


The Bar Code Tattoo had the worst ending in the history of all book endings– it was torture. Not a good way to wrap up a whole action-filled story!😁

Totally Should’ve Had a Movie Franchise


The Lunar Chronicles would be so amazing as movies! I would rush to the theatres to see them if they are ever created. 

Totally Should’ve Had Only One POV


I was only expecting there to be one POV in Winning, but instead, I was bombarded with 4 or 5. It tended to get really confusing to tell who was who in each chapter!

Totally Should’ve Had a Cover Change


UNPOPULAR OPINION ALERT– I don’t like the cover of The Maze Runner. I find that it just looks boring and drab, even though the book was awesome. There are other editions, but I have never seen them in person, so I don’t know if they are sold in many stores.

Totally Should’ve Kept the Original Covers

I spent a while scouring Goodreads for a book that should’ve kept its original covers, and I wasn’t able to find anything! New covers are usually better, but feel free to comment below if you have an answer to this question!

Totally Should’ve Stopped at Book One


I liked both If I Stay and its sequel, but I just feel like it was unnecessary to add on to an already beautifully wrapped up story.

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  3. Allonsythornraxx

If you’ve already done this tag or just don’t feel like it, you have no obligations to participate! I’d still really like to read your answers, though!😊

So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? What would be your answers to the prompts? Let me know in the comments below.

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ARC Review: The Keeper of Portals



Title: The Keeper of Portals

Author: V.S. Nelson

Genre & Age Group: Fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

‘All I have to do is think, walk through a door and I come out another. There is nowhere I cannot get to, nor any lock that can deny my passage.’
The Keeper of Portals lifted a hand and stroked the ancient black wood of the door.
‘I can do all that and yet, after 400 years, I still cannot open this door.’

Everything in the universe is maintained by its own keeper, from the most insignificant insect to time itself. When 15 year-old Martin moves into a stately home that’s dangerously overhanging a cliff, he meets the Keeper of Portals and learns of the mysterious door at the end of his bedroom.

One morning, Martin wakes to discover the Keeper of Portals is missing and the door at the end of his bedroom is open. Martin steps through the door to find himself in the 17th century where he meets Isabel, the house’s maid. Upon discovering two imprisoned keepers, Martin and Isabel gain the ability to control time and travel through portals.

After being attacked by hordes of brainwashed villagers, Martin and Isabel learn that the master of the house has a devious plan, one the keepers are powerless to stop. Martin and Isabel must jump between the present day and the 17th century in order to hide from the twisted master, avoiding past versions of themselves, as powerful keepers thwart them at every turn. But as items from the future begin to bleed into the past and the present day is plagued by malfunctioning portals, Martin and Isabel’s only option is to confront the master – the Keeper of Questions.

The Keeper of Portals is an adventure story that explores the supernatural and is an ideal read for 10—14 year-olds. Inspired by authors such as Philip Pullman and Neil Gaiman, this book will be enjoyed by fans of time-slip fantasies, both children and adults alike.

Source: Thanks so much to author V.S. Nelson for providing me with an e-ARC of this book!

How I Found Out About It: Review request


V.S. Nelson was the second author to directly request a book review from me, and I got as giddy as I did when I received my first one! In all truth, though, this book was just okay. Not my favourite, but I have for sure read worse books.

For a quick summary, The Keeper of Portals revolves around a 15-year old boy named Martin. In this dystopian world, there are keepers guarding every object. When Martin moves to a mysterious new house, he notices an unusual door in his bedroom that raises eyebrows. Once it opens, he steps into it and discovers himself transported to the 1600s. He then meets a maid named Isabel, and together, they realize that they have to quickly jump between time periods in order to stop the master of the house from following through with his evil plan that could eventually destroy them.

It was mostly the characters in this book that left me a bit unsatisfied. I definitely liked the strong and brave character that Martin was, but honestly, I couldn’t care too much for the others. Isabel was pretty bland, to say the least, and I felt that the romance between the two of them wasn’t the strongest- to the point where it seemed a tiny bit unnecessary. These days, books like this tend to include just a bit too much romance, when really, it’s not the point of the story at all.

The plot, though, was super exciting and enthralling! I am not the biggest fan of action, but I did really like the gripping premise of the story, and thought it was quite unique. I think I might’ve enjoyed it just a bit more if I were a hardcore fan of action and plot-oriented stories, but what I usually savour is a light, sweet character-oriented romance. I guess I’d get used to it if I’d read more books like this!

Overall, this book wasn’t either a hit or a miss for me, as I found myself in the very middle of the scale. But that doesn’t mean that readers who are more into action and time-travelling won’t enjoy it more! V.S. Nelson is truly a great writer, and I just know you’ll adore this book if you are more into gripping adventures. Be sure to mark your calendars for the release date of January 28th, and then rush to your local bookstore to get your hands on a copy and delve in!😉

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 7.55.29 PM.png

*I received a digital ARC of this book from author V.S. Nelson in exchange for an honest review.*


ARC Review: If This Is Home



Title: If This Is Home

Author: Kristine Scarrow

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

When her mom is diagnosed with terminal cancer, Jayce searches for her estranged father, hoping he can fix everything.

Jayce Loewen has had to take on a lot of responsibility over the years. Her single mom works two jobs and long hours, leaving Jayce in charge of her four-year-old sister most of the time. When her mom is diagnosed with cancer, Jayce decides to track down her long-absent father in the hope that he will be able to make everything okay again.

Looking for her dad was one thing, but when she actually finds him, Jayce is in for a real shock. When everything in her life seems to be going wrong, Jayce has to figure out who her family really is, and how to live with the possibility of losing the person she loves most.

Source: Thanks so much to Dundurn for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


I felt as if I was really able to find home in If This Is Home. This book was absolutely everything I wanted it to be, and more!

What attracted me into requesting this was the cover, as well as the intriguing synopsis. I love me some books centring around families, as they are a great break from the romance reads, and this was definitely the book I was searching for☺️.

For a quick summary, If This Is Home revolves around 16-year old Jayce, who lives at home with her mom and younger sister. Her dad left them when Jayce was very young and has no contact with them, so when her mom gets sick with terminal lung cancer, with the help of a friend, Jayce decides to go on a hunt for her father, and when she finds him, she isn’t too happy with what she sees. Will she be able to pull through a life without her mom, or will she find someone that will happily take care of her and her sister?

The characters of this book were very in-depth and just amazing, and I loved the protagonist we had in Jayce. I felt so sorry for her as she went through everything! Anyway, despite all that, she was very strong and responsible, and instead of breaking down into pieces when she found out about her mom’s illness, she instead toughened up and did everything she could to prepare things for afterwards. She was also a great sister and friend, and to be completely honest, I loved following her footsteps😉.

Kurt was also a sweet, loyal guy, and I really enjoyed that this book wasn’t really about the romance between the two, but about the friendship. Jayce and Kurt were fabulous as friends, but I think they would be great as a couple, too!❤️

The one thing that I didn’t necessarily love about this book was the ending. I know, I’m so picky when it comes to these! I feel like there were still some loose ends to be tied, and that it came to quite an abrupt stop. Like, hello, I still have questions!😝 I am in need to see a sequel or an epilogue to this awesome story.

All in all, If This Is Home was a fantastic, coming-of-age story, and it gave me so many FEELS. Anyone looking for a short but sweet read about family and friendship with amazing characters MUST pick this one up, starting on January 28th!😉


*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


The Rest of Us Just Live Here Review



Title: The Rest of Us Just Live Here

Author: Patrick Ness

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, paranormal, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

What if you aren’t the Chosen One? The one who’s supposed to fight the zombies, or the soul-eating ghosts, or whatever the heck this new thing is, with the blue lights and the death?

What if you’re like Mikey? Who just wants to graduate and go to prom and maybe finally work up the courage to ask Henna out before someone goes and blows up the high school. Again.

Because sometimes there are problems bigger than this week’s end of the world, and sometimes you just have to find the extraordinary in your ordinary life.

Even if your best friend is worshipped by mountain lions.

Award-winning writer Patrick Ness’s bold and irreverent novel powerfully reminds us that there are many different types of remarkable.

Source: Public library

How I Found About It: Goodreads/Blogging


Okay, then. This was weird.

I was scouring the library looking for some books to read, and I decided to borrow The Rest of Us Just Live Here. I’d heard only good things about it, and I’d devoured A Monster Callsthus I expected to like it. Unfortunately, though, I don’t think this one was really catered to my tastes. 

For a brief synopsis, this book revolves around Mikey, who is more or less a normal high school student. He has hopes of graduating, getting a good job, and living a happy life. Then there are the indie kids at his school, who live their own lives but mysteriously get killed, one by one. Unlike what some other people think, Mikey decides that they aren’t all that bad, and decides to help them out and look into the mysteries of their deaths.

Mikey was a good character, but I don’t really think he stood out much. Like many other teenage protagonists, he had his love, school, family, and friendship problems, many of which were touched on in this story. For some reason, I felt like I couldn’t really relate to him much, but I just can’t place my finger on it.

I also thought the plot was a bit strange and confusing. I should have known better when I picked up this book- paranormal books and I do NOT get along! (Well, we do, like, 5% of the time, but SHHH!) Like, why were those kids called ‘indie?’ Did they have special powers, because if so, they were NOT clear in the book. And what even were those chapter starters? They had absolutely nothing to do with the story. I just think I had a bit of trouble seeing the ends meet in this book, is all.

In many books like this, it is the morals that I like best, and this book is definitely no exception. There were lots of great lessons, ranging from learning to put others’ needs before yours to understanding that everyone is awesome in their own kind of way, no matter who they are.

All in all, as much as I wanted to like The Rest of Us Just Live Here, it just fell flat for me with its unmemorable characters and weird storyline. I’ll probably have to make a note for myself to check for paranormal elements whenever possible, because those are always the types of books that irk me. So, if you’re an avid fan of paranormal stories set in a high school atmosphere, then I’m sure you’ll like this one more than I did! But if you devour contemporaries and aren’t used to confusing plots, then I’d say skip it.



Top Ten Thursday #35

Hi everyone!😄

There are lots and LOTS of books being released this year, many of which are diverse, which I am very excited about! For this reason, today I would like to centre this post on books being released this year that I can’t wait to read.

So let’s get started!



Release date: January 10th


When Adam Blake lands the best elective ever in his senior year, serving as an aide to the school psychologist, he thinks he’s got it made. Sure, it means a lot of sitting around, which isn’t easy for a guy with ADHD, but he can’t complain, since he gets to spend the period texting all his friends. Then the doctor asks him to track down the troubled freshman who keeps dodging her, and Adam discovers that the boy is Julian–the foster brother he hasn’t seen in five years.

Adam is ecstatic to be reunited. At first, Julian seems like the boy he once knew. He’s still kind hearted. He still writes stories and loves picture books meant for little kids. But as they spend more time together, Adam realizes that Julian is keeping secrets, like where he hides during the middle of the day, and what’s really going on inside his house. Adam is determined to help him, but his involvement could cost both boys their lives.

This is a book about a boy with ADHD, and it looks super intriguing!



Release date: May 2nd


Lara Jean’s letter-writing days aren’t over in this surprise follow-up to the New York Times bestselling To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and P.S. I Still Love You.

Lara Jean is having the best senior year a girl could ever hope for. She is head over heels in love with her boyfriend, Peter; her dad’s finally getting remarried to their next door neighbor, Ms. Rothschild; and Margot’s coming home for the summer just in time for the wedding.

But change is looming on the horizon. And while Lara Jean is having fun and keeping busy helping plan her father’s wedding, she can’t ignore the big life decisions she has to make. Most pressingly, where she wants to go to college and what that means for her relationship with Peter. She watched her sister Margot go through these growing pains. Now Lara Jean’s the one who’ll be graduating high school and leaving for college and leaving her family—and possibly the boy she loves—behind.

When your heart and your head are saying two different things, which one should you listen to?

I loved the first two books of this series, thus I can’t wait for the finale!😄



Release date: March 1st


Twenty-five campers. Five cabins.

One very dangerous summer camp.

Cabin 1 must face off against their ultimate rivals, the posh campers across the lake — who may be more than they seem.

Cabin 2 is being stalked by a murderous former camper.

Cabin 3 sets off on a quest to break an age-old curse.

Cabin 4 will meet their soulmates — who also pose a deadly threat.

And Cabin 5…well, it might already be too late for Cabin 5.

This is no ordinary camp. Survival will require courage, cunning, and perhaps even magic.

And the hot dogs are terrible.

This seems to be a bit outside my comfort zone, but nevertheless, I can’t wait to see what happens at this camp.😊



Release date: February 14th


On the corner of American Street and Joy Road, Fabiola Toussaint thought she would finally find une belle vie—a good life.

But after they leave Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Fabiola’s mother is detained by U.S. immigration, leaving Fabiola to navigate her loud American cousins, Chantal, Donna, and Princess; the grittiness of Detroit’s west side; a new school; and a surprising romance, all on her own.

Just as she finds her footing in this strange new world, a dangerous proposition presents itself, and Fabiola soon realizes that freedom comes at a cost. Trapped at the crossroads of an impossible choice, will she pay the price for the American dream?

YAY FOR DIVERSITY! I can’t wait to get my hands on this one.



Release date: February 28th


“It’s not like I never thought about being mixed race. I guess it was just that, in Brooklyn, everyone was competing to be exotic or surprising. By comparison, I was boring, seriously. Really boring.”

Culture shock knocks city girl Agnes “Nes” Murphy-Pujols off-kilter when she’s transplanted mid–senior year from Brooklyn to a small Southern town after her mother’s relationship with a coworker self-destructs. On top of the move, Nes is nursing a broken heart and severe homesickness, so her plan is simple: keep her head down, graduate and get out. Too bad that flies out the window on day one, when she opens her smart mouth and pits herself against the school’s reigning belle and the principal.

Her rebellious streak attracts the attention of local golden boy Doyle Rahn, who teaches Nes the ropes at Ebenezer. As her friendship with Doyle sizzles into something more, Nes discovers the town she’s learning to like has an insidious undercurrent of racism. The color of her skin was never something she thought about in Brooklyn, but after a frightening traffic stop on an isolated road, Nes starts to see signs everywhere—including at her own high school where, she learns, they hold proms. Two of them. One black, one white.

Nes and Doyle band together with a ragtag team of classmates to plan an alternate prom. But when a lit cross is left burning in Nes’s yard, the alterna-prommers realize that bucking tradition comes at a price. Maybe, though, that makes taking a stand more important than anything.

Ahhh, that cover is gorgeous! And it’s yet another diverse book!😊



Release date: February 7th


In this breathless third installment to Victoria Aveyard’s bestselling Red Queen series, allegiances are tested on every side. And when the Lightning Girl’s spark is gone, who will light the way for the rebellion?

Mare Barrow is a prisoner, powerless without her lightning, tormented by her lethal mistakes. She lives at the mercy of a boy she once loved, a boy made of lies and betrayal. Now a king, Maven Calore continues weaving his dead mother’s web in an attempt to maintain control over his country—and his prisoner.

As Mare bears the weight of Silent Stone in the palace, her once-ragtag band of newbloods and Reds continue organizing, training, and expanding. They prepare for war, no longer able to linger in the shadows. And Cal, the exiled prince with his own claim on Mare’s heart, will stop at nothing to bring her back.

When blood turns on blood, and ability on ability, there may be no one left to put out the fire—leaving Norta as Mare knows it to burn all the way down.

The first two books in this series were just okay, but I’m hoping it gets better with this third instalment.☺️



Release date: April 4th


What happens when the keeper of your most embarrassing secrets starts dating your dad?

Sofia wonders if 14 might be the worst possible age to lose your mom. Talking with her dad about puberty and s-e-x is super-awkward (even though he is a gynecologist). And when she wants to talk about her mom, her friends don’t know what to say and her dad gets sad.

When Sofia discovers Dear Kate, an advice columnist from Fifteen magazine, she’s grateful to have someone to confide in about everything from crushes to mourning—someone who is completely, wonderfully anonymous. It feels ideal—until Sofia’s dad introduces her to his new girlfriend, Katherine Baird, a.k.a., Dear Kate…

Praise for The Speed of Life:

The Speed of Life is the kind of book that you want to read speedily, all at once, because the characters are so engaging, the voice of the narrator pitch perfect, the situations convincingly real and raw, the humor and liveliness of the prose such fun to follow, and the feelings of that time in a teenager’s life when everything can go from awful to awesome in a heartbeat are so vividly captured. You won’t want to put it down. But my advice is slow down and savor this delightful book, full of carino, funny and heartfelt, and (spoiler alert) not just for teens.” -Julia Alvarez, award-winning, bestselling author of How the Garcia Girls Lost Their Accents and In the Time of the Butterflies

“Carol Weston’s Sofia moves beyond sorrow to all the possibilities of teen life in this wonderful book that takes us from loss to laughter.”–Richard Peck, Newbery Gold Medalist for A Year Down Yonder

Unfortunately, I was declined to read this one on Netgalley, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that I get my hands on it anyway once it releases!



Release date: March 9th


My name is Harriet Manners and I’ll be a geek forever…

Harriet Manners knows almost every fact there is.

Modelling isn’t a sure-fire route to popularity. Neither is making endless lists. The people you love don’t expect you to transform into someone else. Statistically, you are more likely to not meet your Australian ex-boyfriend in Australia than bump into him there.

So on the trip of a lifetime Down Under Harriet’s to-do lists are gone and it’s Nat’s time to shine! Yet with nearly-not-quite-boyfriend Jasper back home, Harriet’s completely unprepared to see supermodel ex Nick. Is the fashion world about to turn ugly for GEEK GIRL?

It’s time for Harriet to face the future. Time to work out where her heart lies. To learn how to let go…

I’m so sad that this will be the last book in this adorable series. *cries* Let’s hope it ends on a good note!😄



Release date: January 31st


In this irresistible story, Kasie West explores the timeless question of what to do when you fall for the person you least expect. Witty and romantic, this paperback original from a fan favorite is perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins and Morgan Matson.

When Autumn Collins finds herself accidentally locked in the library for an entire weekend, she doesn’t think things could get any worse. But that’s before she realizes that Dax Miller is locked in with her. Autumn doesn’t know much about Dax except that he’s trouble. Between the rumors about the fight he was in (and that brief stint in juvie that followed it) and his reputation as a loner, he’s not exactly the ideal person to be stuck with. Still, she just keeps reminding herself that it is only a matter of time before Jeff, her almost-boyfriend, realizes he left her in the library and comes to rescue her.

Only he doesn’t come. No one does.

Instead it becomes clear that Autumn is going to have to spend the next couple of days living off vending-machine food and making conversation with a boy who clearly wants nothing to do with her. Except there is more to Dax than meets the eye. As he and Autumn first grudgingly, and then not so grudgingly, open up to each other, Autumn is struck by their surprising connection. But can their feelings for each other survive once the weekend is over and Autumn’s old life, and old love interest, threaten to pull her from Dax’s side?

The awesome author Kasie West + characters being stuck in a library= what could be better?!😍



Release date: April 11th


A girl realizes her life is being written for her in this unique, smart love story that is Stranger Than Fiction for fans of Stephanie Perkins.

Annabelle’s life has always been Perfect with a capital P. Then bestselling young adult author Lucy Keating announces that she’s writing a new novel—and Annabelle is the heroine.

It turns out, Annabelle is a character that Lucy Keating created. And Lucy has a plan for her.

But Annabelle doesn’t want to live a life where everything she does is already plotted out. Will she find a way to write her own story—or will Lucy Keating have the last word?

The real Lucy Keating’s delightful contemporary romance blurs the line between reality and fiction, and is the perfect follow-up for readers who loved her debut Dreamology, which SLJ called, “a sweet, quirky romance with appealing characters.”

I LOVE LOVE LOVED Dreamologyand this one has such an interesting premise! I’m definitely hoping for the best!😄

Guys, I’m so sorry that this post ended up to be over 2000 words long! But if you’ve made it all the way down here, then I’m guessing you skipped all the blurbs, haha😂 .

So tell me, have you read any of these books already (if you have, I am soooo jealous😫 !)? If so, what were your thoughts? Are you looking forward to reading these books, too? What are some other new 2017 releases you can’t wait to read? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜


This Adventure Ends Review



Title: This Adventure Ends

Author: Emma Mills

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Sloane isn’t expecting to fall in with a group of friends when she moves from New York to Florida—especially not a group of friends so intense, so in love, so all-consuming. Yet that’s exactly what happens.

Sloane becomes closest to Vera, a social-media star who lights up any room, and Gabe, Vera’s twin brother and the most serious person Sloane’s ever met. When a beloved painting by the twins’ late mother goes missing, Sloane takes on the responsibility of tracking it down, a journey that takes her across state lines—and ever deeper into the twins’ lives.

Filled with intense and important friendships, a wonderful warts-and-all family, shiveringly good romantic developments, and sharp, witty dialogue, this story is about finding the people you never knew you needed.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


Meh. Just another light contemporary story.

I mean, I did like this book, but it just didn’t STAND OUT. I may be able to remember it a day after I finished it, but it is debatable whether or not I will in a year.

What got me to check this book out of the library was that cover (IT’S PERFECTION!💘 ) as well as hype- all of my blogger friends who read it had absolutely adored it. Maybe I read too many contemporaries, or maybe the story went over my head, but This Adventure Ends was not really the one for me.

For a brief synopsis, this book revolves around a girl named Sloane, who has recently moved to Florida with her family and is forced to start her life over again. At home in New York, she was used to only having one or two close friends- but now in Florida she is bombarded with new buds, especially twins Vera and Gabe. They’d lost their mother several years before, so when a painting of hers goes missing, Sloane decides to take charge and find it, not expecting the things that come along the way…

I found Sloane to be an intelligent, kind character, but it seemed like she really doubted herself at times, which is definitely a normal thing for a teen to do in her situation, but she just went a bit overboard, which kind of annoyed me. I do think she grew by the end by learning what the true meaning of friendship was, though!

On the contrary, Vera was quite the confident, brave girl, always wanting to go out and take risks that Sloane could have never even dreamed of. She absolutely succeeded in bringing Sloane out of her shell and into a world full of exploration, which was awesome! And Gabe, I’m sorry, but I just didn’t find anything special about him. I feel like if the book was longer, he could have been developed a bit more.

And then…. we have the plot. The storyline that was as vague and bland as the colour white. In the synopsis, it mostly talks about the painting that was stolen, but that was only one of the tiny puzzle pieces that made up this book as a whole. The plot in this book did NOT just revolve around that- it was scattered all over the place, and thus it didn’t interest me too much. 

Overall, most of the characters in This Adventure Ends were very well-developed, but it was the plot that bothered me the most. Despite that, I’d definitely consider picking up more books by Emma Mills. So, if contemporary is your go-to genre, I’d recommend that you skip this one- it is one of many stories of the same type. But if you’re just diving into contemporaries for the first time, then I’m sure you’ll really enjoy this one!☺️



The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag

Hi everyone!😄

Lena @ bookfandom1001 has tagged me to take part in the Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag. Thanks so much Lena, and for those who haven’t checked out her fabulous blog, you’re definitely missing out!💘

So let’s get on with it!

Greed: What is your most inexpensive book? What is your most expensive book?

Inexpensive: All the ARCs I’ve received-I got them for free!😉 🎉

Expensive: I can’t really remember off the top of my head right now, but it may be one of my Guinness World Records books.

Wrath: What author do you have a love/hate relationship with?


I have very differentiated opinions on all of Lauren Oliver’s books that I’ve read. Her Delirium trilogy was great and I loved the action, I enjoyed Before I Fall but didn’t love it, and I just did not like Panic

Gluttony: What book have you devoured over and over with no shame?


I don’t normally reread books, but I have proudly read and absolutely adored Wonder by R.J. Palacio twice!☺️

Sloth: What book have you neglected reading due to laziness?


It’s not that I’m lazy… it’s that this book is over 700 pages long, which really intimidates me! I’ll probably get to it sometime this year, though.👍

Pride: What book do you talk about in order to sound like an intelligent reader?

To be honest, I think all books have the ability to make you intelligent. I don’t talk about my love for a specific book to impress people, as I think anyone who devours books is an intelligent reader. So, I don’t have an answer for this one today, sorry!

Lust: What attributes do you find attractive in male or female characters?

In male characters, I find it attractive if they have gorgeous descriptions, great respect for their partner, as well as a witty sense of humour. There have been a lot of these, haha!💗

Envy: What book would you like to receive as a gift?



I tag…

  1. K @ Not Just Words
  2. Mandy @ Book Princess Reviews
  3. Marie @ Marie’s Library

If you’ve already participated in this or if you just don’t feel like it, no obligations! I still really want to read your answers, though!☺️

So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? Who is an author that you have a love-hate relationship with? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜


Firstlife Review



Title: Firstlife

Author: Gena Showalter

Genre & Age Group: Dystopian, sci-fi, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:


Tenley “Ten” Lockwood is an average seventeen-year-old girl…who has spent the past thirteen months locked inside the Prynne Asylum. The reason? Not her obsession with numbers, but her refusal to let her parents choose where she’ll live—after she dies.

There is an eternal truth most of the world has come to accept: Firstlife is merely a dress rehearsal, and real life begins after death.

In the Everlife, two realms are in power: Troika and Myriad, longtime enemies and deadly rivals. Both will do anything to recruit Ten, including sending their top Laborers to lure her to their side. Soon, Ten finds herself on the run, caught in a wild tug-of-war between the two realms who will do anything to win the right to her soul. Who can she trust? And what if the realm she’s drawn to isn’t home to the boy she’s falling for? She just has to stay alive long enough to make a decision…

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Goodreads


I went into my first read of 2017 with rather high hopes. The concept looked super interesting, and it overall just looked like the type of dystopian book I’d admire with all my heart. Unfortunately, though, it wasn’t. It was a pretty dull book with unlikable characters and a plot that was being thrown all over the place.

Firstlife has a confusing plot that is kind of hard to explain, but I will try my best to smooth it out for you guys. Okay, so this book revolves around a girl named Tenley, who has been locked inside an asylum for a while, as she refuses to let her parents pick her home for when she dies and reaches afterlife. She is currently living her Firstlife, but legend in this book has it that life mostly begins after one’s first death. There are two realms that Tenley could potentially be sent to after she dies, and both of them really want her. Which realm would make for the most ethical decision?

Our protagonist Tenley was a whiny, annoying character who only seemed to care about herself. I truthfully couldn’t have cared less about her, as I could definitely tell why she was stuck in the asylum. Throughout the book, I just wanted to shake her so she’d let her parents make the right decision! I know how many teens often disregard their parents, but they always know best, and I believe that the Lockwood parents knew which realm was right for her- it’s just that Tenley, being the stubborn character she was, refused to let them make any decisions for her. She complained A LOT and placed the blame on others for being stuck in the asylum, but really, it was her actions that led to that.

The rest of the characters were quite bland, even Killian, the love interest. Ugh, the romance between them was so cringe-worthy and unnecessary! But hey, there was a minor character named Kayla, just like me!😜

The plot at first seemed like it would be pretty solid, but NOOOO! So many things were happening at once, and it was hard to keep track of who was from which realm. Minor characters came in and out of the story, and many events were barely resolved. Oh well, I guess that’s up to the next book to sort out. And speaking of the next book, Firstlife ended on a HUGE cliffhanger, and even though I didn’t love this book, it still left me wanting more.👌

All in all, this book wasn’t really for me, but I can definitely see how more avid lovers of action can find something they adore in it. For me, this book was like a mediocre version of Shatter Mea series I really loved. Anyway, if you are a teen looking for some hardcore action, then Firstlife is probably the book for you!



Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag

Hi everyone!☺️

This tag is a bit late as it is holiday themed, but nevertheless, Ann @ Ann’s Reading Corner has tagged me to take part in the Dashing Through the Snow Book Tag. Thanks so much, Ann, and if you’re not following her awesome blog, then now is the time to change that!💗

I will be changing some of the Christmas themed questions as a) it has already passed, and b) I don’t even celebrate it. So, with that being said, let’s-a-go!

Name a book you would like to see under the Christmas tree  that is on your wishlist


I didn’t end up getting this for Hannukah, but it still remains on my wishlist, and I hope to get my hands on it soon!

Name a book you’ll be reading during the Christmas season wintertime


I don’t set specific TBRs, so at the time of my writing this, a book on my nightstand that I plan to read ASAP is the 5th book of The Princess Diaries, entitled Princess in Pink.

Name your favourite Christmas movie


Does Alvin and the Chipmunks count? I don’t watch many Christmas movies, so I’ll say yes. Yes, it does!

Do you like snow?

I only like snow as long as it’s falling, or fresh and crisp if it’s on the ground. Yellowed, stepped on snow is absolutely disgusting!


Name a character you would like to spend your Christmas a day with


I’d absolutely love to spend a day with the gorgeous Willem from Just One Day!💜

To give or to receive?

I am guilty of really loving both, LOL!😂I love giving presents and seeing my loved one’s face light up when they open it, but at the same time, I do love receiving, too. We all say that it’s better to give, but at times I think we’re all guilty of loving presents.


Which fictional place would you like to spend your Christmas winter break at?


Hogwarts seems like an interesting place to go on a winter vacation to!😉

Fondest Christmas Hannukah memory?

Hmmm… I don’t think I really have a specific memory to touch on, but I do really like the sense of belonging felt when the whole family gets together to celebrate.


Can you say Christmas tree ten times fast in a row (pronouncing it correctly)?



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Before I Fall Review




Title: Before I Fall

Author: Lauren Oliver

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

With this stunning debut novel, New York Times bestselling author Lauren Oliver emerged as one of today’s foremost authors of young adult fiction. Like Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why and Gayle Forman’s If I Stay, Before I Fall raises thought-provoking questions about love, death, and how one person’s life can affect so many others.

For popular high school senior Samantha Kingston, February 12—”Cupid Day”—should be one big party, a day of valentines and roses and the privileges that come with being at the top of the social pyramid. And it is…until she dies in a terrible accident that night.

However, she still wakes up the next morning. In fact, Sam lives the last day of her life seven times, until she realizes that by making even the slightest changes, she may hold more power than she ever imagined.

Named to numerous state reading lists, this novel was also recognized as a Best Book of the Year by Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, The Daily Beast, NPR, and Publishers Weekly. It has been optioned for film by Fox 2000 Pictures.

Supports the Common Core State Standards.

Source: School library

How I Found Out About It: Goodreads


I have given Lauren Oliver lots of chances with her books, as this is my 5th instalment of hers that I’ve read. Her Delirium trilogy was mostly entertaining, but Panic was simply blah, so especially since a movie is about to come out for Before I Fall, I wanted to check it out and see where I stand overall with Oliver’s books.

Okay, to be completely honest here, I didn’t LOVE this book, nor did I dislike it. I just thought it got pretty slow at times, as the same day repeated and repeated itself in seven different ways. Admittedly, I did get bored a lot while reading, but there are definitely some other factors that made me like this book, as well.

To synopsize, this story revolves around Samantha, who dies in an accident one night. Normally, that would be that and her life would be over, but instead, she wakes up the next morning for it to be the same day as before, and this happens seven times. Through all these last chances, Samantha gets to change her actions once and for all and end her life satisfied.

For me, the only memorable character in this book was the protagonist, Samantha. I found her to be okay, but just okay. She wasn’t the most likeable of characters; boasting a mean, stuck-up attitude and stubbornness. Samantha made many decisions that I wasn’t really fond of– WHY, just WHY did she get herself into that same situation seven times? She took AP classes, so I think she could’ve been much smarter than that. By the end of the book, though, I do think she learns from all those mistakes, which was good.

The premise of this book was amazing in that the main character experienced the last day of her life many times, but as I said before, at times it tended to get a bit annoying and redundant. By the end, I simply just got tired of it. The super long chapters didn’t really make much better, either.

I did appreciate the morals of this story, though, and I believe that they are what makes this story the valued gem it is with many. Before I Fall really shows that you must always think before you speak and act, as anything you do or say right now could lead you to your future. Say something mean now, and it could come back to haunt you in a year. On the contrary, do something super nice now, and you’ll forever be remembered for your kindness.

Overall, this book wasn’t the best of reads, but I think I can safely say that I’ve read worse. I am definitely still looking forward to seeing the movie and comparing it to the book. So, if you’re looking for a coming-of-age book to read before a movie comes out and don’t mind an annoying protagonist, then be sure to read this book before you fall!😉