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The amazing TJ @ Books and Other Pursuits has nominated me for the Awesome Blogger Award. Thanks so much TJ, I really appreciate it!💜 Her blog is gorgeous, so all of you must go check it out before continuing on with reading this post!

Let’s not forget to thank Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala for creating this award! This is her reason:

“This is an award for the absolutely wonderful writers all across the blogging world. They have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives of their readers. That is what truly defines an awesome blogger”

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The Rules:

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The Questions:

Name one thing that you are most proud of?

This may sound cliché, but I am very proud of my friends and family. They have all done remarkable things for me (and in general) and I adore them all so much. So, if you are a friend or a family member of mine who is reading this right now, then hi! I love you all tons!💞

Why did you decide to start a blog?

I was thinking about creating a blog about something for a while before I created my own, but I didn’t know what to make one about. Then, I started reading a lot again and so my aunt introduced me to Goodreads. By reading others’ reviews and seeing the reviewers’ pages, I often saw that there was a blog attached to them. After visiting a few of them, I decided to start my own to share my love of reading with the world and so teen readers, whether reluctant or avid, are able to find books that fit their interests and needs. It’s been quite a success so far!👍

What’s your favourite TV show and movie?

Favourite TV show:

Favourite movie:

(Haven’t watched this one recently, though)

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Physical books or eBooks?

(Just a confession: I STILL have not read TFIOS!😂)

Favourite social media platform?

Right now, Snapchat!👻

If you couldn’t blog about books, what subject would you choose instead?

Oh gosh, I don’t even know. Probably just a lifestyle blog of some sort, but I am a pretty private person for the most part, so I don’t know what I’d write about.😬

Microsoft or Apple?


What’s your favourite holiday destination?


Screen Shot 2016-12-19 at 8.27.25 PM.png

What’s your favourite breakfast food?

I nominate…

1.Rhea @ Bookchanted

2.Savannah @ The Book Prophet

3.Fangirling Young Adult Reader

4.Aditi @ A Thousand Words a Million Books

5.Londera @ Young Adult Book Review

Please don’t feel pressured into doing this award- although I would absolutely love to see your answers to my questions, you have no obligations and I understand if you don’t feel like participating.👍

My questions:

1.Where was the last place you travelled, and when was it?

2.How many physical books do you own?

3.Under what circumstances would you DNF a book?

4.What was the last movie you saw in theatres? Did you enjoy it?

5.Share your favourite meme or GIF!😂

6.Tell me a teaser sentence from the book you’re currently reading!

7.What device do you use to write your blog posts (computer, phone, etc.)?

8.Tell me a little known fact about you that no other bloggers know.

9.If you could travel anywhere in the world right this instant, where would you go, and why?

10.What song is stuck in your head right now? (if any)

So tell me, what would your answers be for TJ’s or my questions? Do you agree (or disagree) with anything I said? Let me know in the comments below.

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The Bone Sparrow Review


Title: The Bone Sparrow

Author: Zana Fraillon

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Subhi is a refugee. Born in an Australian permanent detention center after his mother and sister fled the violence of a distant homeland, Subhi has only ever known life behind the fences. But his world is far bigger than that—every night, the magical Night Sea from his mother’s stories brings him gifts, the faraway whales sing to him, and the birds tell their stories. And as he grows, his imagination threatens to burst beyond the limits of his containment.
The most vivid story of all, however, is the one that arrives one night in the form of Jimmie—a scruffy, impatient girl who appears on the other side of the wire fence and brings with her a notebook written by the mother she lost. Unable to read it herself, she relies on Subhi to unravel her family’s love songs and tragedies.
Subhi and Jimmie might both find comfort—and maybe even freedom—as their tales unfold. But not until each has been braver than ever before.

Source: Bought

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


Upon first hearing about The Bone Sparrow, I thought, “Oh, this sounds like such an important book to read!” So, I added it onto my Goodreads TBR and never looked back. When I was spending a weekend at my cottage and went to the local independent bookstore, I got super excited when I found this book. I knew it would be awesome!

My initial thoughts? Yep, definitely a very important read. Though it is technically branded as a middle grade book, I believe that everyone, regardless of age, should have the chance to get their hands on this book. Though there were still some tiny things about this book that bothered me, they will not stop me from recommending it.

To give a summary of The Bone Sparrow, it revolves around a young boy named Subhi. So far, he has spent his life entirely within the Australian detention centre he was born in. In spite of this, every night his mom tells him stories that help him imagine the wonders of the outside world. When Subhi meets a girl named Jimmie across the fence, she asks him to help her read a special journal that once belonged to her mom. Little do they know what is beneath the writing inside of it.

I adored both Subhi and Jimmie, but for this review, I am going to be focusing more on Subhi, as Jimmie slipped out of mind rather quickly. Anyway, first things first- the way Subhi lives is absolutely horrible. While reading, my heart broke into pieces for him. In spite of everything, though, Subhi was a great role model as he was a wise, knowledgeable character who made the best out of every situation. I can’t say this too often, but I know he is going to be a character I actually remember for a long time.

The Bone Sparrow is a novel that is very diverse in its themes and cultures, and I am thankful that the author decided to spread awareness about these themes with us. Though it is terrible, it is reality and it is something that some people unfortunately still face today. The more we know about it, the more we are able to help.

To conclude, even though subjectively I couldn’t really relate to the story, The Bone Sparrow is objectively an amazing novel that should be known about.  The morals about being able to accept and appreciate change and to not trust everyone’s opinions were spectacular, and overall, this book has the potential to become a favourite of SO MANY. Would I recommend it? Most definitely- it’s a must-read!


ARC Review: The Artsy Mistake Mystery

Title: The Artsy Mistake Mystery

Author: Sylvia McNicoll

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, mystery, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

They say he’s been stealing art. But is Attila being framed?

Outdoor art is disappearing all over the neighbourhood! From elaborate Halloween decorations to the Stream of Dreams fish display across the fence at Stephen and Renée’s school, it seems no art is safe. Renée’s brother, Attila, has been cursing those model fish since he first had to make them as part of his community service. So everyone thinks Attila is behind it when they disappear. But, grumpy teen though he is, Attila can do no wrong in Renée’s eyes, so she enlists Stephen’s help to catch the real criminal.

Source: Thanks so much to Dundurn for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: I read the first book of the series!

If you don’t remember or if you weren’t following my blog at the time, I also reviewed the prequel to this book, The Best Mistake Mystery, through Netgalley as well as interviewed author Sylvia McNicoll. During the interview, Sylvia mentioned that she was extending the series to at least three books. When she told me what this one would be about, I became ecstatic! I am not really an artist myself, but I definitely love reading about art. And so when I saw The Artsy Mistake Mystery all ready to go on Netgalley, I downloaded it right away!

I enjoyed this book just as much as its prequel! I once again fell in love with the characters, the dogs, and the mystery of this series. I will definitely be reading on once more book(s) are ready!

This book is the second instalment in the Great Mistake Mysteries series, but in my opinion, it could definitely be read as a standalone. It’s a completely different storyline- it’s just set in the same place with the same characters.

For a brief synopsis, this book follows our favourite characters from The Best Mistake Mystery, Stephen and Renée. Renée’s brother Attila is being accused of stealing many outdoor artworks from around their neighbourhood. The two do not believe that he should be the one who is to be blamed, so they set off to find the culprit.

Once again, Stephen was the strong, inquisitive character that he was in the previous story. As always, I loved reading about him and his adventures. I mentioned in the review for the last book that I found Renée to be slightly dull, but in this story, she is given much more of a personality. Renée is such a smart, sweet girl, and I adored finally getting to know more about her in this story.

The plot of this novel impressed me as well! Here we have another riveting mystery that keeps readers on their toes guessing, as well as cuteness and excitement all over the place. I barely wanted to put my iPad down!☺️

Overall, if you are a tween or teen looking for an adorable, interesting, and quick read, then I would absolutely recommend devouring the books in the Great Mistake Mystery series. Read this before or after reading The Best Mistake Mystery; I don’t think it matters too much. All that matters is that you will be getting an artsy, fun, mysterious ride out of The Artsy Mistake Mystery. 

*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

OMG This Song Book Tag🎵

Hey everyone!💘

Ann @ Ann’s Reading Corner has once again tagged me in something- and this time it’s the “OMG This Song” book tag. Thanks so much, Ann! I am personally in love with her blog, so please do take some time to check it out!

So let’s get on with it!💞


The Book: I don’t normally reread books, but a book that I have happily reread is Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

The Song: Honestly, I get sick of all songs eventually, so I don’t have an answer for this one. Sorry!


The Book: I loved The Babysitters’ Club, I really did, but the person I was when I read them in around grade 5 or 6 was super cringey. Enough said.🙈

The Song: Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke was all over the place around this time, as well. The song as well makes me cringe- I was never a fan of it.🙅


The Book: Recently, I read and loved Internet Famous by Danika Stone, and you can see my review of it by pressing on its cover below.

The Song: My favourite song changes all the time. In fact, I almost never have just one. Right now, though, one of my favoruites is Handclap by Fitz and the Tantrums. It’s so upbeat and fun!


The Book: I feel like Viv from The Replacement Crush is basically me as a book character- she reads and blogs just like me, what else can I say?😉

The Song: I don’t really relate myself to songs- I just listen to them if I enjoy them and not really for the deeper meaning behind them, so I don’t have an answer for this one today, sorry!


The Book: As You Wish by Chelsea Sedoti still hasn’t been released, but I received a Netgalley ARC of it and it was wondrously amazing, not to mention how unique it was. Once it comes out in January 2018, you all must devour it!

The Song: Slide by Calvin Harris is definitely a weird song, but it’s fun to listen to and I like it!

P.S. I misheard, like, half of its lyrics, so I can always get a good laugh from it!


The Book: Maya Van Wagenen’s memoir, Popular, inspired me to look at being popular in a completely different way. I would recommend it to every tween or teen trying to find themselves within the realms of their school’s popularity- you will be wowed!

The Song: I can literally listen to Handclap anytime and feel happy, so I’ll be choosing that one again because I’m a rebel!😎


The Book: I probably won’t be getting to it anytime soon, but I think it would be fun to curl up with the rest of the Harry Potter series on a rainy day. Ugh, it’s so intimidating, though!😩

The Song: Bad Liar by Selena Gomez is a rather relaxing song, as are most of hers. I’m getting a bit sick of it, but I still really like it!


The Book: Hehehe… I still read Junie B. Jones books from time to time as fillers when I am about to fall behind on my reading challenge.😂

The Song: There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back by Shawn Mendes is catchy and fun, but I don’t think that there’s too much depth to it.

I tag…

1.Kristi @ Confessions of a YA Reader

2.Marija @ Inside My Library Mind

3.Des @ Des’ Random Thoughts

I would love to see your picks for these questions, but if you’re not into participating, then I 100% understand and respect that.💜

So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? Do you like any of these songs if you know them? What would your answers be? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

Burn for Burn Review


Title: Burn for Burn

Authors: Jenny Han & Siobhan Vivian

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Postcard-perfect Jar Island is home to charming tourist shops, pristine beaches, amazing oceanfront homes—and three girls secretly plotting revenge.

KAT is sick and tired of being bullied by her former best friend.

LILLIA has always looked out for her little sister, so when she discovers that one of her guy friends has been secretly hooking up with her, she’s going to put a stop to it.

MARY is perpetually haunted by a traumatic event from years past, and the boy who’s responsible has yet to get what’s coming to him.

None of the girls can act on their revenge fantasies alone without being suspected. But together…anything is possible.

With an alliance in place, there will be no more “I wish I’d said…” or “If I could go back and do things differently…” These girls will show Jar Island that revenge is a dish best enjoyed together.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Goodreads/Blogging


I am a big fan of Jenny Han’s books, and even though I’d only read only one of Siobhan Vivian’s books before this one, it was pretty good as well. So, I was naturally expecting great things to come out of this book, especially after reading so many rave reviews.

I tried with this book, I really did. As much as I wanted to adore and devour it, it ended up falling short for me. I think it’s the multiple POVs that annoyed me- I really shouldn’t be trusted with books that have more than two perspectives!

For a synopsis, Burn for Burn follows the POVs of three teenage girls named Mary, Lillia, and Kat. They all have very different personalities, and frankly, the only thing they have in common is that they call Jar Island home. Or so they think. The trio, despite being very different from one another, decides to come together and plot revenge on the people who have done them wrong in the past. Will they be successful?

The one character from this story that I liked was Mary. She was studious and hard-working, but at the same time, she was flawed and still traumatized from a past event. I could definitely see myself in her, not to mention that her character development was the most evident out of the three girls.

Kat and Lillia both developed throughout the novel for sure, but again, I couldn’t see that as much as I did in Mary. I did not feel as intimate with these girls while reading the story, and that says tons.

Plot-wise, I felt like the storyline was kind of bland. I enjoyed the idea of the girls getting revenge on others, but I wish the authors could have explored it just a little more. I know this is a trilogy, so I’m thinking (and hoping) that it will be looked at more in the next two books. In spite of my thinking that this book was only okay, I definitely want to continue on with the series– that cliffhanger ending though!

To sum it all up, I could easily see both the good and not-so-good sides of this novel. For the good, I liked one of the protagonists, the writing style, and the juicy revenge, but for the not-so-good, a couple of the characters could have been developed a bit more and the plot was a little dull. If you are a fan of juicy drama, revenge, and, well, slightly plotless but fun adventures, then I would recommend Burn for Burn. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-02 at 7.55.29 PM.png

Furthermore Review


Title: Furthermore

Author: Tahereh Mafi

Genre & Age Group: Fantasy, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

Alice Alexis Queensmeadow 12 rates three things most important: Mother, who wouldn’t miss her; magic and color, which seem to elude her; and Father, who always loved her. Father disappeared from Ferenwood with only a ruler, almost three years ago. But she will have to travel through the mythical, dangerous land of Furthermore, where down can be up, paper is alive, and left can be both right and very, very wrong. Her only companion is Oliver whose own magic is based in lies and deceit. Alice must first find herself—and hold fast to the magic of love in the face of loss.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging/Goodreads


Because I was so impressed by her Shatter Me series, Tahereh Mafi is one of my favourite authors. She has a vibrant, lyrical writing style that always wows me! Thus, when I heard that she was releasing Furthermore, I was exuberant to read it, and I was even more excited when I was FINALLY able to get my hands onto it!

Though I often am not a huge fan of middle grade fantasy, or fantasy in general, Furthermore opened many new doors for me to try more books of this type. As I expected, I really enjoyed reading this one- its writing, characters, and plot were all top notch!

Basically, this novel follows the perspective of a young girl named Alice who lives in a land called Ferenwood. She was born without colour and magic in her, which makes her a little bit different from others. Upon the escape of her father from her homeland, Alice is forced to take a journey through the mysterious land of Furthermore alongside a boy named Oliver whom she is not particularly fond of. Will she get her colour and magic and find her father? And will she learn to get along with Oliver?

I liked both of the characters in this story for sure. Personally, I preferred Alice over Oliver because of her bravery, perseverance, ability to be a role model, and wisdom, but Oliver comes as a close second because of his immense character development throughout the book. They were both adorably innocent at times, and I loved that for a change. Plus, I loved how their relationship grew for the better as the story progressed!

I thought that this book had quite the unique flair to it, but I honestly can’t say much because I don’t read a lot of fantasy. However, I absolutely did find myself amused and captivated by all of this story’s happenings and I just want to read more from the land of Furthermore!

Overall, I had a splendid time cuddled up with this book. I really appreciated this novel’s main characters, storyline, as well as Mafi’s awesome writing style that was the delicious cherry on top of it all! I would recommend Furthermore to readers who enjoy fairy tales, magic, and simply anything to do with light, happy fantasy books. Tahereh Mafi never disappoints!


Unique Blogger Award 3.0

Hey everyone!👋

The amazing Jade @ Drink Coffee and Read Books has nominated me for my third Unique Blogger Award. Thank you so much, Jade! As well, she just celebrated her achievement of 200 followers, so absolutely add onto that number!💜

Let’s get on with it, shall we?

The Rules:

-Share the link to the blogger who nominated you.

-Answer the questions they gave you.

-Nominate 8-13 other bloggers and pay it forward.

-Ask them three questions.

Les Questions:

Has any book ever influenced you greatly?

Definitely! John Green’s Looking for Alaska changed my view of life for sure. You can read all about my love for this story in my gushing review by pressing on its cover below!💞

Would you want to be an author or are you content to just be a reader?

If you mean author as in writing fictional books, then I’ll pass. I can’t for the life of me come up with any good ideas for writing stories of my own. If you mean author as in writing authentically, such as on this blog, then definitely! I hope to blog for as long as I can! Otherwise, I am content to just be a reader.😊

Where is your favourite place to read?

I think the following gif does all the talking for this question:

I nominate…

Despite what the rules say about nominating 8-13 people, since I have a lot of outstanding tags to do, I’ll only nominate 5 for today (sorry!):

1.Empire of Starlight

2.Priyasha @ Books and Co.

3.Kyera @ Kyera’s Library

4.Rimpy @ Rimpy’s Reads

5.Dawlyn & Krista @ Little Blind Book Finds

I am really looking forward to seeing your answers to the questions, but as well, I totally understand if you don’t feel up to participating!💘

My Questions:

Since I really liked Jade’s questions, I will be reusing them for you guys:

1.Has any book ever influenced you greatly?

2.Would you want to be an author or are you content to just be a reader?

3.Where is your favourite place to read?

So tell me, do you (dis)agree with any of my answers? How would you answer these questions? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

Proof of Forever Review

Hi everyone!😊

I’m afraid I have to say that Top Ten Thursday will be on hold for a little while. I have been having trouble coming up with topics, and in addition to that, they are very time-consuming and take a very long time to think of, find appropriate books for, format, and all of that jazz. When I first had the idea to participate in them, I thought I would be able to whip up those posts in a jiffy, but I was very wrong. Anyway, onto the review!


Title: Proof of Forever

Author: Lexa Hillyer

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Before: It was the perfect summer of first kisses, skinny-dipping, and bonfires by the lake. Joy, Tali, Luce, and Zoe knew their final summer at Camp Okahatchee would come to an end, but they swore they’d stay friends.

After: Now, two years later, their bond has faded along with those memories.

Then: That is, until the fateful flash of a photo booth camera transports the four of them back in time, to the summer they were fifteen—the summer everything changed.

Now: The girls must recreate the past in order to return to the present. As they live through their second-chance summer, the mystery behind their lost friendship unravels, and a dark secret threatens to tear the girls apart all over again.

Always: Summers end. But this one will change them forever.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


Since I was really wanting a light contemporary to read, I went into Proof of Forever blind, knowing absolutely nothing about it. I trusted the good reviews I’d been seeing about it, so I decided to give it a read.

Though it was definitely light and fast, in my opinion, it seemed to lack emotional depth and memorability. If you are looking for a memorable novel about summer camp, then this may not be the one to choose.

For a brief plot summary, Proof of Forever follows the POVs of four girls named Luce, Tali, Zoe, and Joy. Despite the fact that they are now too old to attend their beloved summer camp, they vow to remain friends forever. At a camp reunion a couple years later, the four realize that in spite of their vows, their friendship had faded. When they take a photo in a booth, they find themselves back in their last summer at camp. If they want to remain friends forever, then they must go back and retrace their footsteps to do so.

The characters of this book were literally cutouts. I had no reason to remember any of them whatsoever. In order for me to really connect with a character, they need to stand out in a good way, but these four girls all blended in too much. Imagine putting four drops of table salt into water- the salt that dissolves is how I’d describe the protagonists.

I was intrigued by the premise for sure. I really, really was. I just have to say, though, that the way it was executed was sort of unexpected for me and I didn’t necessarily like that. The pieces of the plot puzzle didn’t fit together too often and left me feeling confused, but is this possibly because there were four boring POVs? Probably.

All in all, I don’t have much else to say about this book other than the fact that it disappointed me. I was expecting an extravagant, moving, life-changing story about the joys of summer camp and friendship, but instead, I was given a boring book with almost no substance. To be honest, I am probably being too generous with this 3-star rating. If you want a fast summer read and are eager to know what overnight camp is like, then try this- only if you don’t mind there being four dull main characters. Otherwise, skip it.

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 4.12.01 PM


ARC Review: The Authentics

Title: The Authentics

Author: Abdi Nazemian

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

A fresh, funny, and thought-provoking debut YA novel about a fifteen-year-old Iranian-American named Daria, who is launched on a journey of self-discovery when she discovers she was adopted

Daria Esfandyar is Iranian-American and proud of her heritage, unlike some of the “Nose Jobs” in the clique led by her former best friend, Heidi Javadi. Daria and her friends call themselves the Authentics, because they pride themselves on always keeping it real.

But in the course of researching a school project, Daria learns something shocking about her past, which launches her on a journey of self-discovery. It seems everyone is keeping secrets. And it’s getting harder to know who she even is any longer.

With infighting among the Authentics, her mother planning an over-the-top sweet sixteen party, and a romance that should be totally off limits, Daria doesn’t have time for this identity crisis. With everything in her life changing—can she figure out how to stay true to herself?

Source: Thanks so much to Indigo Books & Music Inc. for providing me with a physical ARC of this book!

How I Found Out About It: Indigo newsletter

I requested The Authentics from the Indigo newsletter because it sounded extremely diverse– I haven’t read much about the Iranian culture and I am interested in reading about as many different ones as possible. Plus, that cover is gorgeous!

I ended up really enjoying this book, as was expected, but I don’t think that it would reign as a favourite of mine. It was very diverse with a good plot, but the main character was a bit dull and I don’t see myself remembering her for too much longer.

The Authentics revolves around a teenage girl named Daria. She is of Iranian-American decent, and she is very proud of it. She sees herself and her friend group as very authentic people, and so she has named her posse “The Authentics.” When she is assigned a school project requiring her to research her roots, she finds some shocking information regarding her culture. Will this negatively change her outlook, or will this make her even more authentic than she already is?

In spite of the fact that Daria was unmemorable and will cease to remain in my brain after maybe a month or so, I was still fond of her character for sure. She was definitely, well, authentic like this book’s title states, as well as wise, but too many characters of this type simply blend together in my brain. That’s all there is to it.

I really loved the premise of this story in Daria finding the truth about her roots and learning to appreciate that, and the plot was full of great events that really kept the story going. I found it so cool to be able to learn about Daria’s family history within the novel and I am glad that this book showcased many different and interesting cultures to explore.

There was a small bit of romance between Daria and a guy nicknamed Iglesias, but honestly, it was nothing special. It wasn’t terrible, either- just your average joe romance that appears in a normal contemporary story. Meh.

To conclude, I immensely enjoyed The Authentics for its themes on diversity, friendship, pride, appreciation, and even more. To say that I loved the characters would be an overstatement, but the premise is really the focal point of this story. Are you one to devour diverse novels? If so, then you will definitely enjoy this authentically diverse book once it releases on August 8th!

*I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review.*

ARC Review: Internet Famous


Title: Internet Famous

Author: Danika Stone

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

High school senior and internet sensation Madison Nakama seems to have it all: a happy family, good grades, and a massive online following for her pop-culture blog. But when her mother suddenly abandons the family, Madi finds herself struggling to keep up with all of her commitments.

Fandom to the rescue! As her online fans band together to help, an online/offline flirtation sparks with Laurent, a French exchange student. Their internet romance—played out in the comments section of her MadLibs blog—attracts the attention of an internet troll who threatens the separation of Madi’s real and online personas. With her carefully constructed life unraveling, Madi must uncover the hacker’s identity before he can do any more damage, or risk losing the people she loves the most… Laurent included.

Source: Thanks so much to Indigo Books & Music Inc. for providing me with a physical ARC of this book!

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


Back in December, I read and really enjoyed Danika Stone’s debut YA novel All the Feels. Because I loved how fun it was to read, I decided to request her sophomore YA novel from the Indigo ARC newsletter, only expecting really good things.

I have to tell you that I did not just get good things, but amazing things out of this book. I had quite an exciting ride while reading Internet Famous. I loved the characters and the storyline, and ultimately, I just want more!

For a synopsis, this book follows a teenage girl named Madi. She has a fandom-based blog on which she rambles about all of her interests, but along with it, she juggles the responsibilities of schoolwork, family, friends, and more. Her attitude changes for worse when her mom leaves her family. As well, when a troll spams rude comments onto her blog, she and an online friend named Laurent work together to unravel the mystery of the troll’s identity.

Madi was a very interesting character to read about, and I mean this in a good way. She was intuitive and she was great at understanding others’ feelings as well as her own. Though sometimes she felt overwhelmed because of her family, the troll comments on her blog, and a few other things, she definitely overcame that and ended up as her better self by the end.

I really loved Laurent as well- he was so dreamy! For one thing, he was French (ooh la la!), and for another more important thing, he was the sweetest and kindest guy ever! I loved how Laurent was always by Madi’s side during the times of trouble, and I adored how well the two clicked!

Internet Famous was- well, almost- unputdownable. I was extremely interested and engrossed by the plot about the mystery of the troll and even though some of the events were a tad predictable, who the troll really was had me surprised. I loved it!

To conclude, Internet Famous was an adorable, super fun read that I devoured. The characters were both likeable and relatable, the plot was gripping, and Stone’s writing style is engaging and amusing. If you are looking for a novel that blends fandom, blogging, and romance all into one, then this fluffy book is your best bet!

*I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review.*