ARC Review: The Artsy Mistake Mystery

Title: The Artsy Mistake Mystery

Author: Sylvia McNicoll

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, mystery, middle grade

Goodreads Synopsis:

They say he’s been stealing art. But is Attila being framed?

Outdoor art is disappearing all over the neighbourhood! From elaborate Halloween decorations to the Stream of Dreams fish display across the fence at Stephen and Renée’s school, it seems no art is safe. Renée’s brother, Attila, has been cursing those model fish since he first had to make them as part of his community service. So everyone thinks Attila is behind it when they disappear. But, grumpy teen though he is, Attila can do no wrong in Renée’s eyes, so she enlists Stephen’s help to catch the real criminal.

Source: Thanks so much to Dundurn for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: I read the first book of the series!

If you don’t remember or if you weren’t following my blog at the time, I also reviewed the prequel to this book, The Best Mistake Mystery, through Netgalley as well as interviewed author Sylvia McNicoll. During the interview, Sylvia mentioned that she was extending the series to at least three books. When she told me what this one would be about, I became ecstatic! I am not really an artist myself, but I definitely love reading about art. And so when I saw The Artsy Mistake Mystery all ready to go on Netgalley, I downloaded it right away!

I enjoyed this book just as much as its prequel! I once again fell in love with the characters, the dogs, and the mystery of this series. I will definitely be reading on once more book(s) are ready!

This book is the second instalment in the Great Mistake Mysteries series, but in my opinion, it could definitely be read as a standalone. It’s a completely different storyline- it’s just set in the same place with the same characters.

For a brief synopsis, this book follows our favourite characters from The Best Mistake Mystery, Stephen and Renée. Renée’s brother Attila is being accused of stealing many outdoor artworks from around their neighbourhood. The two do not believe that he should be the one who is to be blamed, so they set off to find the culprit.

Once again, Stephen was the strong, inquisitive character that he was in the previous story. As always, I loved reading about him and his adventures. I mentioned in the review for the last book that I found Renée to be slightly dull, but in this story, she is given much more of a personality. Renée is such a smart, sweet girl, and I adored finally getting to know more about her in this story.

The plot of this novel impressed me as well! Here we have another riveting mystery that keeps readers on their toes guessing, as well as cuteness and excitement all over the place. I barely wanted to put my iPad down!☺️

Overall, if you are a tween or teen looking for an adorable, interesting, and quick read, then I would absolutely recommend devouring the books in the Great Mistake Mystery series. Read this before or after reading The Best Mistake Mystery; I don’t think it matters too much. All that matters is that you will be getting an artsy, fun, mysterious ride out of The Artsy Mistake Mystery. 

*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*


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