Top Ten Thursday #47

Hi everyone!☺️ Spring is finally upon us!🎉🎉 (Well, at least it is for us Canadian folks, haha!) What was hopefully our last snowfall hit us last week, and I'm hoping that the snow will stay away until at least November or December of this year. Anyway, to celebrate spring's official arrival (a little late, but … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #47

Top Ten Thursday #46

Hi everyone!😄 2017 is THE YEAR for diverse books. Every week, so many of them are released into stores and libraries, and avid readers like us flock out to buy them; to dive into a different way of living. Unfortunately, there are many diverse reads on my TBR that I haven't gotten to yet (but … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #46

Top Ten Thursday #45

Hi everyone!☺️ If you've been reading my blog for any amount of time, then you probably know that contemporary is my #1 favourite genre, no doubt. I mention a contemporary book or author in *almost* every one of my posts, haha! But today, I wanted to focus more on other genres I don't read as … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #45

Top Ten Thursday #44

Hi everyone!☺️ For this week's Top Ten Thursday, I wanted to list some books that have strong family aspects. In many of the YA (and middle grade) books I read, the protagonist experiences some family issues- whether it be with missing, deceased, or divorced parents, absent family members, and more, so in this post, I … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #44

Top Ten Thursday #43

Hi everyone!😄 As a book blogger, you have probably used or even just heard of Netgalley. If not, then it is a website that you can use to request FREE e-ARCs in exchange for honest reviews, and I've gotten to read some great books from it! But once in a while, you get that traumatic … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #43

Top Ten Thursday #42

Hi everyone!😄 As you all know, I absolutely love contemporaries, especially the kind with romance- I just love swooning over characters and being able to relate to them! But do you know what my favourite kind of contemporary book is? The kind including travelling! I honestly don't travel much myself, so I feel lucky when … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #42

Top Ten Thursday #41

Hi everyone!☺️ If you know me, then you know that I don't watch a lot of movies. As you guys already know, I read a lot, but movies are not of particularly huge interest to me. But in this post, I want to try to fix that as I list ten existing book-to-movie adaptations I … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #41

Top Ten Thursday #40

Hi everyone!😄 In honour of my school's semi-formal happening tonight, I have decided to centre this week's Top Ten Thursday post around books with lots of action and/or drama- I'm sure there will be a lot of those tonight. So, without further ado, let's party!🎊 1. Carve the Mark was full of action, although a bit … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #40

Top Ten Thursday #39

Hi everyone!😄 To be honest, I am starting to run a little low on ideas for Top Ten Thursday and could use a few suggestions. So, if you have a topic you'd like me to write about, then first please make sure I haven't already done it here and then feel free to leave me … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #39

Top Ten Thursday #38

Hi everyone!💘 Valentine's Day is this coming Tuesday, and I'm so excited! I love mostly everything about the holiday, from the chocolates, to the cards, to all the love that is sprinkled around! Having said that, for this week's Top Ten Thursday, I will be listing a few of my favourite romances that I recommend … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #38