The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Hey everyone!👋 I would like to thank the amazing Kelly @ Another Book in the Wall for tagging me for the Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag! I adore her blog, so be sure to go take a look at it when you can!💘 So let's-a-go! Best Color Combo On a Book Cover: This combo of watercolours … Continue reading The Aesthetically Pleasing Book Tag

Top Ten Thursday #47

Hi everyone!☺️ Spring is finally upon us!🎉🎉 (Well, at least it is for us Canadian folks, haha!) What was hopefully our last snowfall hit us last week, and I'm hoping that the snow will stay away until at least November or December of this year. Anyway, to celebrate spring's official arrival (a little late, but … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #47

Dreamy Covers Book Tag

(This image was created by Tiana @ The Book Raven) Hello everyone!☺️ The awesome Laura Beth @ Hot Shot Headlines has tagged me to take part in the Dreamy Covers Book Tag, which was created by the fantastic Tiana @ The Book Raven. Thanks so much for thinking of me, Laura Beth, and to you … Continue reading Dreamy Covers Book Tag

Top Ten Thursday #39

Hi everyone!😄 To be honest, I am starting to run a little low on ideas for Top Ten Thursday and could use a few suggestions. So, if you have a topic you'd like me to write about, then first please make sure I haven't already done it here and then feel free to leave me … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #39

Do YOU Judge Books by Their Covers?

Hi everyone! Today I'd like to discuss with you guys whether or not you judge books by their covers, and why people tend to do so sometimes. For the record, for this post I only mean it in a literal sense, as this is a book blog, after all! Honestly, I often do judge books by … Continue reading Do YOU Judge Books by Their Covers?

Top Ten Thursday #5!

Hi everyone! Today I will be sharing a list of books whose covers are absolutely stunning! These are either books I've read, or books that are on my TBR list and hope to get my hands on soon. (Yes, yes, I do know the saying 'don't judge a book by its cover,' but these covers … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #5!