Milk and Honey Review

Hey everyone! I know I said that I would post at least once every two weeks, but today when I finally had the chance to write a post, I realized that it had been almost a month since I last posted. Whoops. Anyway, I'm not sure if I can commit to a solid schedule for … Continue reading Milk and Honey Review


Our Chemical Hearts Review

Title: Our Chemical Hearts Author: Krystal Sutherland Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult Goodreads Synopsis: John Green meets Rainbow Rowell in this irresistible story of first love, broken hearts, and the golden seams that put them back together again. Henry Page has never been in love. He fancies himself a hopeless romantic, but … Continue reading Our Chemical Hearts Review

Salt to the Sea Review

Title: Salt to the Sea Author: Ruta Sepetys Genre & Age Group: Historical fiction, young adult Goodreads Synopsis: World War II is drawing to a close in East Prussia and thousands of refugees are on a desperate trek toward freedom, many with something to hide. Among them are Joana, Emilia, and Florian, whose paths converge … Continue reading Salt to the Sea Review

Wanderlost Review

Title: Wanderlost Author: Jen Malone Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult Goodreads Synopsis: Not all those who wander are lost, but Aubree Sadler most definitely is on this novel’s whirlwind trip through Europe. Aubree can’t think of a better place to be than in perfectly boring Ohio, and she’s ready for a relaxing … Continue reading Wanderlost Review

August 2017 Book Haul

Hi everyone!💜 As you all know, August is now over and it is now September, and school for me starts on Wednesday. This semester is going to be pretty balanced; I have careers & civics, Spanish, English, and science. I will still try to read and blog as much as possible, though! Without further ado, … Continue reading August 2017 Book Haul

The Bone Sparrow Review

Title: The Bone Sparrow Author: Zana Fraillon Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, middle grade Goodreads Synopsis: Subhi is a refugee. Born in an Australian permanent detention center after his mother and sister fled the violence of a distant homeland, Subhi has only ever known life behind the fences. But his world is far bigger than … Continue reading The Bone Sparrow Review

June 2017 Book Haul

Hey everyone!❤️ June is over, so that means for me that it's SUMMERTIME! Yay!✌️✌️ As you may know, my exams that I had this month are now over and it is now officially summer vacation for me. I really hope to be able to get back into the reading and blogging groove! Just like last … Continue reading June 2017 Book Haul

By Your Side Review

Title: By Your Side Author: Kasie West Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult Goodreads Synopsis: In this irresistible story, Kasie West explores the timeless question of what to do when you fall for the person you least expect. Witty and romantic, this paperback original from a fan favorite is perfect for fans of … Continue reading By Your Side Review

January 2017 Book Haul

Hi everyone!😊 Welcome to my first book haul of 2017! I hope you guys all had an amazing first month of the year. This is a scheduled post, but today (January 31st) I wrote my English exam, and tomorrow is the most stressful exam of them all, science!😫 Wish me luck! Anyway, here are all … Continue reading January 2017 Book Haul

November 2016 Book Haul

Hi everyone!😊 Wow, another month is done! But that's okay, because that means we're closer to the holidays, and I'm so excited!🎉🎉 Next month, I plan to post a super exciting annual wrap-up, rather than a normal book haul. Without further ado, let's get on to the books! Borrowed from the library:   Given to … Continue reading November 2016 Book Haul