How I Choose My Books Tag

Hi everyone!☺️ Ann @ Ann's Reading Corner has tagged me to take part in the How I Choose My Books Tag. Thanks so much, Ann!💜 If you haven't checked out her blog yet, then you need to stop reading this and do so now, you will not regret it!😄 This tag was created by Emma @ … Continue reading How I Choose My Books Tag


Top Ten Thursday #28

Hi everyone!😊 For this week's Top Ten Thursday, I want to list some books I was hesitant of reading because of hype, but I did anyway, and ended up loving!💞 So, without further ado... 1. I was so surprised that I really loved The Hunger Games. Violent, gory books are not usually my thing, but this … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #28

Top Ten Thursday #27

Hi everyone!😊 Many people in the book community have been stressing over diversity in books, and I do think it's important, but most other bloggers have already covered my points, so I didn't feel like writing a discussion post. What I do want to do, though, is make a list of great diverse reads, so … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #27

Top Ten Thursday #25

Hi everyone!👋 Today I wanted to list some books that are very fast reads, mostly under 300 pages, so if you ever just want to get a book in or plan on participating in a read-a-thon, these books would be perfect choices! Without further ado... 1. Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick is about 270 pages long, and … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #25

Top Ten Thursday #24

Hi everyone!😊 Today, I'd like to list some books that would be good for reluctant readers, as well as teens who just want to get into reading. It doesn't seem like there are enough teens these days who are avid readers, and I hope to try to change that with this post. I hope that … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #24

Top Ten Thursday #21

Hi everyone!👋 For this week's Top Ten Thursday, I will be listing 10 books I loved, but didn't write reviews for (oops, my bad!🙊). I read them too long ago to write a detailed review right now, so in this post, I will be stating why and telling you a bit about my thoughts for … Continue reading Top Ten Thursday #21

Why I Love Goodreads So Much! & Day 24 of 30 Day Book Challenge!

Hi everyone! Instead of a review today, I've decided to tell you all why I 💗Goodreads and how it has shaped me up as a reader! 1. Then: When I was in a library, I had to look through shelves and shelves of books, looking for one that I would be interested in that is … Continue reading Why I Love Goodreads So Much! & Day 24 of 30 Day Book Challenge!