ARC Review: One Love

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Title: One Love

Author: Deanna Cabinian

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, travel, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Long-distance relationships are tough. Thompson should know.

He’s going to college in Hawaii, but Greta’s in Italy.

When he meets Charlotte things get complicated.

Is it Greta he wants to be with?

Or Charlotte?

Will he discover that, despite what he believes, a person can have more than One Love?

One Love, the companion novel to One Night (2016), is a contemporary novel about college, first love, and friendship. Though it is technically a sequel to One Night it can be read as a standalone novel.

Source: Thanks so much to author Deanna Cabinian for providing me with an e-ARC of this book!


Many moons ago (or about a year and a half ago, maybe?), I read and adored One Night, the prequel to this bookpraising its amazing characters, morals, and light tone. When the author contacted me and asked me to read and review One Love, I was all for it. I just missed the premise of this story so much! Luckily, I enjoyed this sequel just as much- or maybe even more- than the first book in the series, and this is coming from someone who often suffers from second-book disliking syndrome.

Thompson remained an innocent, sweet, and easy-going character, although it is clear that he had grown up a little bit as he had finally seemed to be over Caroline, his ex-girlfriend. He had spent much of the previous book pining over her, but in this book we see him trying to get a chance with other girls. There was a bit of a love triangle, but it was definitely a realistic one. However, I really, really preferred him with Greta over Charlotte!

This series is the best if you are into books about travel- this novel involved travelling to Italy from Hawaii! It was great seeing Thompson and another character named Ronnie bonding and visiting Italy together to see Greta. Although it may have been a bit of an impulsive decision that I wouldn’t really have supported myself, it was incredibly entertaining and fun to read of their Italian adventures.

All in all, I definitely think that this under-hyped series deserves more love. The characters are real, the plot-lines are awesome, and it has capabilities of putting smiles onto so many readers’ faces. It does not matter if you read this book or One Night first- what matters is that you will be immersed into a light and happy world.



What is an under-hyped book or series that you would recommend? Have you read this one? If so, what did you think?💜



*I received a digital ARC of this book from author Deanna Cabinian in exchange for an honest review.*


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