Inside Out Book Tag

Hi everyone!👋

I have once again been tagged by the awesome Sam @ River-Moose-Reads, (thank you so much again!💜), and this time it is for the Inside Out Book Tag! I was exuberant to have received this tag because Inside Out is one of my favourite movies. I know, I’m a sucker at heart for kids’ films!

Anyway, let’s get started!

A book that brings you JOY:

Though I haven’t read all of the Kasie West books yet, all of them bring me such joy and happiness because of their extreme fluffiness!💘

A book that makes you SAD:

I read this a while ago, but I basically cried about it for days. No book has ever emotionally touched me as much as Second Chance Summer did!

A book that makes you ANGRY:

I honestly don’t want to talk about how terrible I found this book to be. If you want to see my coherent thoughts about it, then click on the cover to read my review.

A book that DISGUSTS you:

I can’t really think of one at the moment. Perhaps the book above can count?

A book that brings you FEAR:

I don’t read many thrillers or horror stories, but There’s Someone Inside Your House is one that does bring me a little bit of fear.

I tag…

Anyone who adores the movie Inside Out or wants to share with the blogosphere how specific books made them feel!✌️

So tell me, have you read any of these books? Opinions? If you’ve read any of these, were you made to feel any of the same emotions as I did? What books made YOU feel the aforementioned emotions? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

22 thoughts on “Inside Out Book Tag

  1. I loved Second Chance Summer! I empathize with books along this same premise because I feel strongly about my own father and would hate to ever have to go through a situation like this, so it always reminds me to be super grateful about my own dad.

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  2. second chance summer is The Most Heartbreaking. also i’ve been into thrillers lately and There’s Someone Inside Your House is on my tbr so i’m glad to hear it’s at least a bit fear inducing!!

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  3. Aaaawww I loved this movie! And this tag is just adorable ❤
    I haven't read any Kasie West books but that's the vibe I get from them as well: super cute, fluffy and heart-warming – perfect summer reads 🙂
    I'm curious about how well Perkins will do on the thriller-kind-of-genre, seeing her contemporary record.
    Great tag and great answers, Kayla ❤

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    1. Aww, thank you Sophie!💕 I would definitely recommend that you pick up a Kasie West book, they are all adorable!💗
      I enjoyed Stephanie Perkins’ thriller debut, however there are many controversial opinions on it. I hope you get the chance to pick it up and see for yourself🙂

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