Textrovert Review


Title: Textrovert

Author: Lindsey Summers

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Can you fall in ♥ with someone you’ve never met?

Summer is nearly over and Keeley is about to start her senior year when disaster strikes: she picks up the wrong cell phone by mistake. 😞 Just her luck that it belongs to Talon, a totally arrogant jock 🏈 who’s just left for football camp—with her phone. Keeley doesn’t know him, but they’ll need to rely on each other to forward their messages for an entire week.

Talon is so full of himself, but Keeley quickly discovers he’s funny, too—at least his texts are. 😅 And he listens to Keeley—which is more than anyone else does. Texting Talon, she can be more than just the quiet twin sister of a popular boy. Texting Talon, she can be the outgoing person she’s always wanted to be. Soon the two are falling for each other, hard.

But when true identities are revealed and secrets are exposed, will Keeley’s feelings stay the same?

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: Blogging


I first heard about Textrovert when reading another blogger’s review for it, and I was hooked from the start. As many of you may know, I love reading books that incorporate technology such as cellphones and social media in the storyline, so naturally, I was ready and set to devour this book.

Although this book was, just as expected, fluffy and cute, there were quite a few minor setbacks that kept me from really loving it. Truthfully, I felt as if the whole premise was a bit confusing, and the characters were not any better.

Textrovert basically follows two teens named Keeley and Talon. One day, Keeley accidentally picks up a cellphone that does not belong to her but to football player Talon, and he has possession of hers. At first, the two aren’t necessarily fond of each other, but as they text through each others’ phones until they can exchange them, they discover that they have a great bond. But not all is as it seems… could it still work between them?

As it stood, Keeley and Talon were both bland and unmemorable. Both of them were honestly stuck up and full of themselves. In a couple months, I’ll barely remember them, and other than the fact that I wasn’t too fond of them, sparks did not fly between them, either. They were not the type of fictional couple I’d ship and squeal over. Just no!

Besides the premise about the phone swapping being slightly difficult to follow, the plot itself was nothing special. It was basically just, as you know, two bland characters who go through all the angst in the world. The characters complained about some petty stuff- I couldn’t stand it, and if I were physically near them and they were speaking face to face, I’d probably have to cover my ears.

All in all, unfortunately Textrovert disappointed me. I did enjoy it for its breezy writing style and fun vibe, but pushing that and its interesting mystery aspect aside, it didn’t do it for me, I’m sorry to say. I’d still recommend it for a fast and fun read, but just don’t expect it to become your favourite novel in the entire world.

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3 thoughts on “Textrovert Review

  1. Is this book age appropriate for a 12 year old? My daughter’s requested this for the gift exchange and i want to make sure it’s appropriate for her age.

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