Top Ten Thursday #50

Hi everyone!☺️

As inspired by last week’s Top Ten Tuesday topic, I wanted to centre this week’s Top Ten Thursday around things that turn me off from reading certain books. These either prevent me from trying the book altogether, or they irk me and keep me from enjoying books while reading them.

So let’s get started!

1. Intimidating Lengths

For this, I’m talking books that are over 500 pages long. I like to read books in one or two, possibly even three sittings, and books with over 500 pages just take me much longer to read, especially if they’re eBooks. I just approved a publicist’s request to read and review an eBook that is 743 PAGES LONG, and UGH! There is no way I’ll be reading that anytime soon, so sorry mate!😕😂

*FYI, I was completely unaware of the book’s length when I requested it!*

2. Unmemorable, Bland Characters

This has been happening a lot lately in my reads- the main characters are often written without personalities, and thus I’m not able to remember them easily and pinpoint their good and not-so-good traits in my reviews. I just wish that authors thought their characters out more thoroughly, that’s all I want!

3. Protagonists with Family Issues

This is getting to be such an annoying thing in my books, especially with contemporaries! The main character is always missing a parent or sibling, having divorced parents or parents who drink, and other problems of sorts. When will I just be able to read about a big (or normal-sized) happy family?

4. Bad Reviews

If I am about to pick up a book and see a bunch of negative reviews from friends and other trusted reviewers on Goodreads, it is likely that I’ll decide not to read it. I’ve been reading enough mediocre books lately as it stands, and there is no reason to add more to the mix.😁

5. Paranormal Themes

This is more of a personal preference, but I prefer not to read stories with paranormal themes (I’m talking angels, demons, dragons, ghosts, and all the like). I know that many people love this genre, but after trying it several times, I don’t think it’s my thing at all.🙅

6. Love Triangles

UGH! So freaking annoying! I hate it when characters go back and forth between two love interests- it is ultimately more common in books than in reality! I think that many other people are in the same boat as I am- STOP WITH THIS TROPE!

7. Animal Deaths😭

Luckily, most contemporaries seem to shy away from this, but I can’t stand it when animals are killed off in books. I can *sometimes* handle human deaths in books, but animal deaths completely wreck me. As you may (or may not) know, I am an animal lover at heart, and my heart can’t take the loss of animals!😭

8. Books About Sports

Again, this is another personal preference, but sports are not my jam, and neither are books about them. I started the book Catching Jordan, which is about a girl who plays football, but I could barely get past page 30 because I was already so bored of all the sports talk. I am completely fine with books about swimming, gymnastics, skating, dancing, and sometimes even sports like volleyball and tennis, but extremely competitive team sports like basketball, football, and soccer are just NOT my thing, both in real life and in books.

9. Unrealistic Contemporaries

Honestly, contemporaries are the genre they are for a reason, and if they aren’t realistic, then it defeats the whole purpose of what they are supposed to be. For example, if a girl and a boy move too fast together after only meeting a few days before, then that really irks me!😁

10. Unappealing Covers

Of course I know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover,” but if a book’s cover looks like THIS…:

…then I will have questions.😂

*I did not like this book when I read it, by the way!😂*

So tell me, what are some of your pet peeves and/or turnoffs in books? Do you (dis)agree with any of mine? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday #50

  1. Love Triangles are literally my pet hate when it comes to reading. They’ve been done way too many times for my liking. Great post😊

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