On the Road to Find Out Review



Title: On the Road to Find Out

Author: Rachel Toor

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

On New Year’s Day, Alice Davis goes for a run. Her first ever. It’s painful and embarrassing, but so was getting denied by the only college she cares about. Alice knows she has to stop sitting around and complaining to her best friend, Jenni, and her pet rat, Walter, about what a loser she is. But what she doesn’t know is that by taking those first steps out the door, she is setting off down a road filled with new challenges—including vicious side stitches, chafing in unmentionable places, and race-paced first love—and strengthening herself to endure when the going suddenly gets tougher than she ever imagined, in On the Road to Find Out by Rachel Toor.

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: By browsing through books at the library


Like many contemporaries, what ultimately drew me to this book was its cover. I just love the colours and how fluffy it looked, so after reading its synopsis and deciding that it would be a good fit, I borrowed it from my library.

On the Road to Find Out definitely met my expectations for a light, happy read. I enjoyed it quite a lot, but to be fair, it did have its tiny flaws to be fixed in order for it to deserve a full star rating.

This book is basically about a high schooler named Alice, who was turned down by her dream college. To feel better, she starts going on runs around her neighbourhood. The runs turn out to not only boost her up, but to also leave her with many new experiences and skills, such as running marathons, improving her endurance, and maybe even a new love.

Alice, I have to say, wasn’t particularly the most likeable character. I found her to be very close-minded and fixated on getting into that one college that declined her, not opening her eyes to other schools that could be better for her. She also complained a ton and was quite self-absorbed, which I also disliked. I do think that these traits improved by the end of the book once she realizes that it wasn’t worth it for her to fret over her issues- albeit only a tiny bit.

Aside from the bothersome character that Alice was, I really appreciated the morals that this book held. I think I can absolutely say that this story is full of them, from being able to take chances, being able to accept failure and move on, trying new things and seeing what’s out there, and even more!

This story was plotted nicely and smoothly and I was able to follow it with ease. I liked the ending as well, and even though it could be considered as being open-ended, in this case, it worked very well!

All in all, On the Road to Find Out was a great story which I believe deserves much more love- it’s both under-read and under-hyped. Sure, the topic isn’t one we haven’t seen before, but the way it is delivered in this book is amazing! So, anyone wanting a light, fast read with cute romance and coming-of-age morals should definitely get on the road now and drive right to their local bookstore or library, pick this one up, and devour it!



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