ARC Review: Mill River Senior High



Title: Mill River Senior High

Author: John C. Rubisch

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Imagine if you showed up for your senior year and learned your high school was closing. Worse- students will have to attend their hated rival school. Teachers are leaving, clubs and teams are dropped, no one wants to be principal. In midst of the chaos, the newly elected student president promises it will be one hellava year.

The promise will be kept.

Source: Thanks so much to First Edition Design Publishing for providing me with an e-ARC of this book via Netgalley!

How I Found Out About It: Netgalley


Finding Mill River Senior High on Netgalley made me very intrigued. I’ve never been in a situation like the one in the book, and the synopsis made me wonder how the characters would deal with it. Thus, my very curious self decided to give it a read.

Unfortunately, this book didn’t turn out to be all that I’d hoped for. I mean, it was okay and had lots of good things to be recognized for, but there were still flaws that I couldn’t really ignore.

First things first: a brief summary of the book. So, Mill River Senior High revolves around the senior students of, well, Mill River Senior High. Their school is set to close at the end of the school year, and even though the seniors are graduating, they still really want the school to live on. Worse, it is supposed to be merging with their rival school! Through working together and sacrificing quite a lot, will the school be able to get saved? Or will its original plan of shutting down be followed through?

Okay, this book had a lot of characters. Like, A HUGE BOATLOAD of them. There were probably around 4 main characters and over a dozen side characters. And you know what? At least 75% of them had no depth whatsoever, making them quite unmemorable. This has been a big problem for me lately, as recently, I’ve rarely been able to find solid characters that I will remember for a lifetime, which saddens me. The one character that did stand out from this story, though, was Cy. He was a great leader and he was so determined and brave! But then again, my memory of him will still probably fade in a little while.

Plot-wise, this book was s–s–l–l–o–o–w–w. On Adobe Digital Editions, my e-copy was 300 pages long in small font, and when I made it bigger, it probably turned into about 600 pages, with basically nothing happening during the first third of the book. I seriously considered DNF’ing it for a while, but then it got just a tiny bit better, so I decided it wouldn’t hurt to finish it and feel accomplished afterwards.

Honestly, I didn’t feel much emotionally from this book. At first glance, this seemed like the type of book that would break my heart and put it back together again, but it was just flat and dry. I really appreciated how all the students loved their school and wanted to work together in the hopes of saving it, but I just couldn’t feel the emotions with them, you know what I’m saying?

Overall, I guess you could say that this book was okay, but it did not meet my expectations whatsoever, which was too bad with such a captivating premise! But I guarantee that readers looking for a story with good morals and excellent writing or readers wanting to dive into contemporary for the first time will love this book!☺️


*I received a digital ARC of this book via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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