Versatile Blogger Award 2.0

Hi everyone!☺️

A while ago, Miss Abigail nominated me for my second Versatile Blogger Award, but I’ve only been able to get to it now. Thanks so much Abigail, and I’m so sorry for the wait!❤️ You all MUST check out her fabulous blog- her graphics and posts are absolutely stunning!

So let’s get started, shall we?

The Rules:

  • Show the award on your blog & thank the person who nominated you
  • Share 7 different facts about yourself
  • Nominate 5 3 blogs of your choice
  • Link your nominees & let them know of your nomination

My Facts:

  1. I’ve never broken a bone. I usually tend to stay away from sports and activities that could pose this risk, and I am hoping that it will stay this way for the rest of my life.
  2.  I have had four pairs of glasses. I’ve had an eye prescription since I was six, and at first it was because I couldn’t see up close properly, but then my vision pretty much switched around and now I can see fine up close- now it’s just faraway I need to worry about.
  3. My school’s semi-formal is on Thursday! I’m so excited for a great night full of dancing, food, and most importantly, FRIENDS!❤️
  4. I wasn’t allowed a Snapchat account until this past September, but I was allowed Facebook at age 9. I personally think it should’ve been the other way around- on Snapchat, people can’t really ‘snoop’ you unless they add you and you reciprocate, but on Facebook, anyone can view your profile. Looking back now, I can’t even believe I was allowed a Facebook account at such a young age!
  5. I have a Bookstagram, but I rarely use it. Feel free to press here if you’re interested in the pictures I post around once per decade, but I just don’t have the patience to take a bunch of pictures of the same thing and choose the best one! That’s part of why I barely post on my personal account too, haha😂 .
  6. A couple years ago, my brother and I drew on my mirror with window writers, but I don’t have the heart to erase it. Thus, my mirror is full of rainbows, video game characters, and penguins!😂
  7. Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to read as much because I now have math, meaning that I receive homework every night that takes centuries to do. It’s so annoying!😤

I Nominate…

  1. Nora @ Reading Experiences with Nora
  2. What the Cat Read
  3. Breanna @ Paws and Paperbacks

You guys have no obligations at all to participate, but I would love to learn more about you and what you’re about!☺️

So tell me, do you agree with any of my facts? Disagree? Any that surprise you? Have you ever broken a bone? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

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