Hung Up Review



Title: Hung Up

Author: Kristen Tracy

Genre & Age Group: Contemporary, romance, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

Can you fall in love with a voice? This witty romance, told entirely through phone calls, chronicles the tale of a wrong number gone right.

It all started with a wrong number. The voicemails Lucy left on James’s phone were meant for someone else—someone who used to have James’s digits. But then when James finally answers and the two start to talk, a unique bond forms between the two teens.

Gradually Lucy and James begin to understand each other on a deeper level than anyone else in their lives. But when James wants to meet in person, Lucy is strangely resistant. And when her secret is revealed, he’ll understand why…

Source: Public library

How I Found Out About It: By browsing through books at the library☺️


While at the library, I was desperate to find something to read. Literally DESPERATE. So, when I found this book, I was intrigued by its synopsis and took it out on a whim. It did sound a bit cliche and its Goodreads ratings weren’t the most amazing, but I still decided to check it out and form my own opinion.

It turned out that this book wasn’t too bad, but I wasn’t necessarily a fan either, per se. I did find many amazing things about this story, but they certainly did not make up for all the faults.

To briefly synopsize, Hung Up revolves around two teenagers named Lucy and James. Lucy didn’t mean to call James one day while placing in an order for something, but she got his voice anyway. When the two start talking, they realize that they have a lot in common and that they can rely on each other for almost anything. But then James wants to physically meet Lucy, but she has a secret- one that could sacrifice their relationship.

I didn’t find that the characters of this book were too memorable- but this may be because the story is told in ENTIRELY phone conversations, so I wasn’t really able to see any of their thoughts. I got almost no background to what the characters were saying until they fully explained it, which really bothered me. One thing I did appreciate, though, was their character development as they became more comfortable opening up to each other, but I have to admit that I did think it was a tiny bit unrealistic.

The plot of this story was bland but also at the same time entertaining, if you get what I mean. I found myself eagerly and quickly turning the pages of this book, but I just wasn’t wowed. And that ending was a bit strange, as well.

Overall, this story was pretty cliche and unrealistic, but I did still enjoy it and found it to be a fluffy, fast read. If you are okay with characters without depth and a storyline made fully of phone and text conversations, then Hung Up is the book for you! But if not, I don’t think you’ll regret taking a pass on it.


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