Do You Review Every Book You Read?

Hey everyone!😊

Do you guys like the header image I made for this post, and if so, do you think I should make more?

Anyway, long time, no discussion post!

Well, that is about to change, because today I want to discuss this question:


Personally, I don’t review every book I read. To be honest, I think I read too many to have time to write long, detailed reviews for each of them. (Oops🙊)

When I first started this blog back in April, I used to review mostly just my favourites- the ones that were the most memorable to me from before I started my blog. But then again, the reviews were super short, and quite frankly, not even close to being my best work. Seriously, just compare this review to this one, and see how much more I’ve been writing!

That has now changed, and lately I have been trying to review as many books as I possibly can, whether it be just with a tiny, little recap on Goodreads, or a full-fledged rave on this blog. This still isn’t to say that I’ve been reviewing every single book, in fact, no, not even close. Most of the books I review on my blog are either ARCs, or books that I felt like I had a plethora of words to spill out about.

Honestly, I find that the hardest books for me to review are sequels, regardless of whether or not I’ve reviewed the first book in the series. If I recap all my thoughts about the first book, then I find it a bit hard to embark on many new ideas for the review of the second book, so I tend to just leave it without a review. And if I don’t review the first book… well… it’ll also still be a whole lot of confusion of what to write, and if you guys, my readers, will even understand what I’m talking about😆. I may as well just write a review for the whole series once I’m done, I guess!😜

As well, I sometimes feel pressure to review every single book. Publishers seem to like it better when approving on Netgalley, and some of my favourite bloggers/reviewers do it, too, such as Michelle, Lola, and Sarah. (I LOVE the reviews you guys write, by the way, and I read every one!❤️) If a blogger I look up to writes reviews for everything they read, then why shouldn’t I? (FYI, I try to ignore this pressure and do what’s right for me😉)

Overall, I have been trying my absolute best to get as many reviews up for as many books as possible, and I believe that I am doing much better than I did back in, say, May! For my problem of not reviewing sequels, I have mostly just been writing tiny, minuscule reviews on Goodreads, and so far, I think it’s been working quite well for me. (Here is one I recently wrote for Pandemonium, sequel to Delirium!)

So tell me, do YOU review every book you read? Why or why not? If not, are you trying to, or are you a-OK with the amount of books you currently review? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

33 thoughts on “Do You Review Every Book You Read?

  1. I do reactions to every novel that I read, but it’s a challenge to write on some that I don’t particularly want to. For me, it’s a way to track my opinions on books and hear from others who have also read the same books. I feel like if I don’t write on all of them, I’ll end up not wanting to do them on any, if that makes sense? Laziness takes hold of me easily, haha. I don’t write reactions to most manga that I read, though. Just a general rule for me because I read way too much to write on it all!

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  2. I feel personal pressure to review every book I read but I know I can’t simply due to time. Plus, I don’t really want to review books that are already super popular. I want to give my time to marginalized authors and independent books. Thank you for sharing this topic!

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  3. I definitely don’t – not because I don’t have the time, but because sometimes I just don’t feel like I have anything to say! I agree with you about sequels, too, those are less important to review as well for me. Mostly if I feel compelled to review something, I will, but if not, I won’t.

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  4. When I started my blog, I don’t but now, I’m trying my best to review them as much as I can. When it is a series, there’s a tendency that I will review it by the series not by every book in the series. 🙂

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  5. I try to and so far have but there are some I do find very difficult to review and some I just say “sorry but it’s a short review today” and yes sequels are so hard to review, especially when you get to like books 3 onwards

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  6. I try and do at least a short review for every book I read (since 2015) on Goodreads and the better ore more interesting ones (where I have a major point I want to bring up) I will cross post and flesh out more on my blog. However, I will mention if the book was meh my ‘review’ is often a bullet point list of the scribble thoughts I had while reading the book. Most memorable time that I did this was the Selection Series. But that is just a personal thing that I like to do and I don’t read so many books that it’s unbearable for me to do so.

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      1. yeah it all depends on the book, the in-depth ones I try and hit all the points you pointed out, but the ones I don’t have too much to say for whatever reason, I just throw some bullet points up that express my thoughts

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  7. I usually try to review all the books I’ve read but sometimes I miss some out because I have to give priority to review copies than I ones which I have personally bought. So I think for some I may write a whole series review and I’ve been seeing so many people writing mini reviews of the same genre, I might just try that!
    Great post!

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  8. I wanted to start out by saying I love the header and I definitely think you should do more! I am pretty new to the whole book review bloggin thing but I don’t think i will realistically be able to review every book I read. I will try but I won’t kick myself if I don’t. I am still working on my first review for Goodreads.

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  9. I review every book I read, including the ones I read for school (though I don’t post those reviews on this blog, just on Goodreads). I used to only star rate on Goodreads and Amazon, but then I decided to start writing actual reviews after seeing that people who write reviews can get free books. After two years reviewing on Goodreads, I finally started my own blog, and it’s (almost) been…six months? I’ll have to check. But now I do it to remember how I felt about the books I read (as well as for the free books still, lol!)

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