The Back to School Tag

Hi everyone!😊

Today (September 6th, 2016) is my first day of high school! If you’re reading this right as it’s posted, I am probably there right now, most likely eating lunch.

Now I know that this isn’t book related, and I’m sorry. I just wanted to partake in the Back to School tag to get ready for the school year and to show you guys some of my preferences. I found this on icebreaker694‘s awesome blog, so definitely check it out and give her a follow!

(Pictures are not mine, I found them on Google and I give credit to their creators.)

Without further ado…

What’s your favourite subject?

My favourite subject would have to be French🇫🇷. I just love learning about the language and culture! It confuses me as to why so many of my schoolmates don’t like it.


Fine tip Sharpies or regular?

I’d have to say regular, since I don’t think I’ve used the fine tip ones yet.


Multiplication or division?

Multiplication 50 x 2 % (haha, get it?!😂). Long division has always baffled me…

If you got to pick any book to do a report on, what would it be?

To be honest, I actually don’t mind doing reports on class-assigned books, but if I had to choose my own, then it would probably be any book from my TBR that I plan on reviewing in the future😛.

What would your ultimate school outfit be?

Probably anything that I feel comfortable in, such as yoga pants, a graphic T-shirt, and on cooler days, a hoodie or a zip-up sweater.

Art or music?


During your free time after school, would you rather read a book or watch a movie?

I have always preferred books over movies, so I guess I’d have to say read. Plus, one of my life goals is to read ALL THE BOOKS.✌️


Textbooks or tablets/computers for schoolwork?

A couple years ago I probably would have said textbooks, but as we’ve started to integrate more technology into our schoolwork, I would have to say tablets and computers, since they’ve helped me a lot, and I think many people can agree.😉

Composition notebooks or spiral?

Absolutely composition📓! If one of the spirals breaks on a spiral notebook, it may poke, and it’ll just mess up the whole thing.


What are your goals for the school year?

  • To make new friends
  • To learn lots of new things
  • To join clubs that interest me (hopefully a book club📚)
  • And to just be the best I can be!😎

I am positive that this will be a great year full of great experiences!❤️

I tag….

Anyone in school who wants to do the tag is 100% welcome to! Just let me know if you decide to participate.

So tell me, if you are in school, are you excited to start, if you haven’t already? Do you agree with any of my answers? What’s your favourite subject? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜

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