August 2016 Book Haul

Hi guys!👋

I CANNOT believe that August is basically over. That is just INSANE! School for me starts on the 6th, and even though I am a bit nervous, I’m still super excited for new experiences, new friends, and new knowledge.

Anyway, in this post, I will be showing you guys all the books I bought, received, and borrowed this month. Hope you enjoy!😘

Bought at Indigo:


Borrowed from Indigo (thank you so much!😄)


ARC from Indigo (again, thank you so much!💜)


Received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review:


Be on the lookout for a review of The Homecoming soon! As for Boy to the World, I unfortunately didn’t finish it, so I won’t be posting a review of it on my blog. But you can still check out my Goodreads for my thoughts!

Borrowed from the library:


So there you go, all the books I got my hands on this month. So tell me, what books did YOU haul this August? Read any of these? Opinions? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜


10 thoughts on “August 2016 Book Haul

  1. OH SO MANY BOOKS!! I saw one of my favorite series on there which is Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Your thoughts please??? I love seeing old-ish books going around lol. I wonder what you will think of Fangirl since I didn’t like it but so many people loved it. Ahh! Great haul.

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  2. SO MANY BOOKS! August was a very tough reading month for me because I only read four books! Anyway, I do want to read “The Square Root of Summer!” I have been hearing a lot about it, good and bad, but I want to see if it will be a great book for me. I also really want to read “Fangirl” and “Matched!” “Matched” is always at my library every single time I go there, so I should go and check it out!

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  3. The Matched series was incredibly underwhelming to me. It felt like the every book was completely unrelated to the original problem. Kinda sad you thought the Square Root of Summer was confusing but I’ll still read it and hopefully like it! Great book selection

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