Top Ten Thursday #17

Hi everyone!😊

For this week’s Top Ten Thursday, I will be listing ten books that I own, but haven’t felt like reading yet. Oops!🙊 Feel free to comment below if you spot one that you suggest I definitely read ASAP!


Here is my row of books on my bookhouse that I’ve yet to read. (Sorry, it’s a bit blurry.) Spot any favourites?😜[P.S. I have even more on my iPad😂]

Without further ado…

1.Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard


I know, I know. Gape and gasp all you want, because I own a copy of Red Queen but haven’t read it yet! I just haven’t been in the mood for it, but I promise you I will read it soon.

2.Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll


(Sorry for the blurry picture) I’ve seen the new Through the Looking Glass movie and enjoyed it, so I know I need to read the book soon!

3.The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan


I’m not sure if I really want to read this one. This was originally my brother’s, but he wasn’t interested in it, so it was passed on to me. Maybe I’ll pick it up one day when I’m in the mood😆.

4.Daddy-Long-Legs by Jean Webster


I think the fact that this is on my iPad is what’s keeping me from reading this. It does look like a great book, though!

5.Stolen Songbird by Danielle L. Jensen


I was supposed to buddy read this with a couple friends, but that didn’t end up happening, so I still have the book sitting unread on my iPad. I might read it sometime soon, as even though it’s outside of my comfort zone, it does look pretty interesting.

6.Cornelia and the Audacious Escapades of the Somerset Sisters


I barely even know what this book is or how I have it… anyone who’s read this is welcome to comment their thoughts below!⬇️

7.A Wind in the Door by Madeleine L’Engle


I read A Wrinkle in Time about 4-5 years ago when I was much younger, and I have to admit that I don’t remember much about it. I don’t know if I liked it very much. Thus, its sequel has been sitting on my shelf unread because I’d have to reread the first book, which I don’t really feel up to doing right now. Maybe someday🙈

8.Caught in the Crossfire by Alan Gibbons


This looks like a pretty good, diverse read centring around racism and the events of the 9/11 attack. I’ll read it soon!

9.Innocent by Eric Walters, My Life Before Me by Norah McClintock, & The Unquiet Past by Kelley Armstrong


These are all part of the Secrets series, made up of 7 books. 4 books down, 3 to go👌

10. A French Girl in New York by Anna Adams


I think the only reason why I haven’t read this is because it’s on my iPad, to be honest. Gah, I should start getting to my eBooks soon!

So tell me! Have you read any of these books? Opinions? Do you think I should read any of these books ASAP? What books do you own that you’ve yet to read? Let me know in the comments below.

Au revoir!💜






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