Top Ten Thursday #11!

Hi everyone!

 Just FYI, today (June 29th if you’re reading this after the fact) is my birthday!🎉 I am so excited to experience new things and make new memories this year! Anyway…

Today I am going to be sharing with you the top 10 reasons why I 💞book blogging, and how much it has changed my reading and writing experiences in just three short months. So let’s get started, shall we?😊(My reasons are not in any order, just when I came up with them.)

  1. It’s fun! Yeah, I know how general of a reason this is, but it’s the truth! I find it so much fun to hop onto my laptop to write book reviews, tags, these top ten lists, and even more to keep you guys reading. I truly enjoy doing it and I hope I always will.spongebob1.gif
  2. I love interacting with other bloggers about books! I honestly LOVE meeting a fellow bookworm, it really makes my day. Admittedly, I haven’t really met many in real life yet, but on here I’m connected to dozens, if not hundreds of them! I also love receiving book recommendations and feedback from my fellow bloggers!CgxdPvyUUAEnniW.jpg
  3. I really like to write, but not really fictitious stories. Despite not wanting to write fiction, I wanted to pursue my writing somehow other than that, and I thought blogging was a great idea, especially about my love of books! So, I tried it out and haven’t looked back since!
  4. It makes me more motivated to read. Before I made this blog and Goodreads, I found myself in a very long reading slump. I just had NO CLUE WHATSOEVER what to read, and most of my friends weren’t really readers, so they didn’t really have many good book recommendations. Now that I have this blog, finding something to read and actually reading it is no problem, it’s a breeze, to say the least! I cheer myself on while reading books because for me, one book completed=one more accomplishment!aid137336-728px-Read-a-Boring-Book-Step-02-Version-2.jpg
  5. It’s a great hobby! Before I got my blog and Goodreads, as I said before, I was in a loooooong reading slump. I still enjoyed reading, but not as much as I do today. I often found myself bored and always tended to play games on my devices or go on social media sites. Even though I still do those things, that’s been minimized now with the responsibility and joy of maintaining this blog!
  6. Customization! I love being able to customize my blog and make it my own! If you’re currently reading this on my blog, then you will see that my background is magenta, my favourite colour. If you press on my Reviews page, you will see how I organize my reviews alphabetically by title, and how I’ve made the letters really pretty so they pop out! Just like people, every blog has its quirks to make it its own, and I’m really happy to have mine!
  7. Getting ARCS! So far, the only ARCS I’ve gotten are digital ones from Netgalley, but I hope to be able to receive print ones in the future, as my blog gets a bit older and more established. I love the feeling of spreading the word on books and oftentimes reading them before they’re published!💖 It makes me feel amazing to help publishers and authors market. (So, if you’re a publisher or author looking for someone to review your brand new title, do not hesitate to click here!)images.jpeg
  8. The blogging community! The bloggers I’ve conversed with on here have been SO nice, and really encouraging! I’ve honestly never seen anyone on here put anyone else down, not to jinx anything😁. I’ve discovered some amazing new books thanks to them, and the amount of recognition and kindness going on around here is insane (in an AMAZING way💞). So, for any bloggers reading this right now, I send you a…Unknown.jpeg
  9. Scheduling posts! Probably 98% of my posts have been scheduled, including this one. I just find it way easier to do so, so I’m not scrambling around at the last minute trying to find something to write. Most of the time, I schedule my posts a day before they’re supposed to go up, but it all depends on how busy I am and how many ideas I have. (Just so you know, if you’re reading this the second it was posted, I just got out of school 5 minutes ago, so it’s summer now!✌️☀️And you know what that means, a TON of blog posts coming your way!😄)
  10. All the opportunities! I will be speaking with Heather Reisman, owner and CEO of Indigo, very soon! She is going to be giving me blogging tips and potentially some books to review, and I couldn’t be more excited!😊👍

So there you have it, 10 reasons why blogging rocks! What else do you like about blogging? Do you agree with my reasons? Tell me in the comments below!

Asta la vista!👋


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