Gathering Blue Review!

Hi everyone! Just to let you all know, I won’t be active much this weekend because I will be really busy, but I promise I will be back on Monday! Anyway, let’s get cracking on this review!

About the book:12936.jpg

Title: Gathering Blue (The Giver #2)

Author: Lois Lowry

Genre & Age Group: Dystopian, young adult

Goodreads Synopsis:

In her strongest work to date, Lois Lowry once again creates a mysterious but plausible future world. It is a society ruled by savagery and deceit that shuns and discards the weak. Left orphaned and physically flawed, young Kira faces a frightening, uncertain future. Blessed with an almost magical talent that keeps her alive, she struggles with ever broadening responsibilities in her quest for truth, discovering things that will change her life forever.

Source: School library

How I Found Out About It: I read The Giver and adored it, so I decided to get my hands on the sequel, even though it was a different story!

Review: Do you know when you read the first book in a series and really love it, but then you read the second one and sometimes it’s just a mess? Yeah, in my opinion, this is one of those times. To come right out, I honestly did not really like this book, which surprised me because The Giver was just AMAZING. Right when I started this book, I was bored by all the dullness. The plot line was creative, I’ll give you that, but I really would rather have read another book with Jonas’ POV, to tell you the truth. I don’t understand at all how these two books are in the same series! This book lacked A LOT of things that the prequel had. The characters in The Giver had deep personalities and it was like I was there with them as I read their journey, but this book just had two-dimensional characters. I didn’t feel as if the protagonist, Kira, had much of a personality, and ditto with all of the other characters. Yes, I did feel sorry for her when she suddenly lost her mother and didn’t know her dad, but the book didn’t centre much around that. Most of the book’s content was just about Kira’s knitting experiences and finding the blue material to help make a robe for the Singer at her community’s annual Gathering. This book did not amuse me at all. It was only 215 pages long and I whipped it up very quickly, but honestly, I felt like it could have been WAY shorter! Hence this, I will not be continuing with The Giver Quartet. For those who loved The Giver, I’m warning you, and trust me on this one, please don’t get too hyped up for this book. It will most likely just ruin the prequel for you. But if you HAVEN’T read The Giver, there’s nothing that can ruin it for you, so go ahead and read Gathering Blue, and maybe you’ll like it more than I did!

Rating: 2/5 Stars



6 thoughts on “Gathering Blue Review!

  1. Great review! I also loved The Giver so much and tried to continue on reading the series. I agree, Gathering Blue was very underwhelming and it honestly bored the hell out of me. I read the third book, and surprisingly enjoyed it. I guess, each book in the series features a different story. And the last book which is about the mother of Gabe in The Giver and maybe it will supposedly conclude everything, but I didn’t get the chance to know if it did because I DNF the last book which is shame (because it is the LAST book). I just couldn’t continue reading it because I always ended up sleeping after reading 4-5 pages lol. Anywayss, I still love The Giver! 🙂

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