Top Ten Thursday #6

Hi everyone! Today I’m going to be listing ten (well, nine🙊) relatable characters in books that I’ve read, so I hope you enjoy! Please note that this is only in order of when I thought of them, not how relatable they are to me. If the book that they are from is reviewed, I will link it!

  1. Penny Porter from the Girl Online series22510983.jpg

She and I have a lot in common! We are both bloggers, and we are both shy and introverted and care a ton about our studies! She made the book so much better, and I couldn’t get enough of her!

2. Emily from Since You’ve Been Gone18189606.jpg

Emily is a very cautious character, as am I, although Emily becomes a bit more daring towards the end! I felt like I could really relate to her struggles; because I know, if any of my best friends went missing like Sloane did, I would be scared and curious as well!

3. Anne Shirley from Anne of Green Gables3709710.jpg

Anne is very inquisitive and always has something on her mind, just like me! Even though she is very outgoing, unlike me, I still felt like if I was in the story, she would make a good friend for me!

4. Autumn Falls from… you guessed it the, Autumn Falls series!18691023.jpg

Autumn, at the start of the first book, is also shy, again like me, but she really breaks out of that shell by the end! I also think that Bella Thorne portrayed her very realistically as a teen of today’s age (more about that in my review).

5. Leah Hoffman-Ross from My So-Called Family2874911.jpg

Leah is very persistent and curious, like me, because in this story, she goes to learn who her donor siblings are, and when she does find out, she tries really hard to meet up with her, which is totally what I’d do if I was in her shoes!

6. Maya Van Wagenen (the author) from Popular18667753.jpg

I really understood Maya’s struggles that she experienced in this book! I felt like I could really identify with her because our personalities seemed very similar!

7. Audrey Turner from Finding Audrey23305614.jpg

Though I’m not as shy and introverted as Audrey (she could barely even leave her house due to her social anxiety), I still found that I could relate to her in some of her struggles. I often found myself cheering her on throughout the book as her anxiety started to diminish!

8. Jessica Writeman from the Because of Mr. Terupt series7783920.jpg

I found Jessica very relatable as she and I seem to have a lot in common! We are both bookworms and introverts, and can barely ever be seen without a book in our hands! I enjoyed reading about her POV in the books more than the others because of this!

9. Harriet Manners from  the Geek Girl series13621089.jpg

Harriet, again, is an introvert (yes, I know, there are just so many books I pick up with introverted protagonists!😋) and she also really honours her studies, much like me. (I feel like she and Penny Porter from Girl Online [see #1] would become good friends if they met,  since I know that their personalities would definitely mesh.) I really enjoyed reading this because of her relatableness, and hope to read the sequel soon!

Have you read any of these books? If so, did you relate to any of the characters? What characters are you able to relate to the most, and how? Tell me in the comments below!


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